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For the OP: at least now you've learned that the first question you should always ask before you do ANY kind of planning for a cake is: "What is your budget?"

Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
Tact is telling someone where to go so nicely they can't wait to take the trip!
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Originally Posted by cakesbycathy View Post

In the current Rachel Ray magazine it tells brides that if they are on a budget they should go to the grocery store.  There's a blurb in there about how many will do the design that you want (shaking my head).

Some chains do wedding cakes -- I've heard Super Walmarts do, for instance (we don't have any in my area, so I haven't seen any firsthand).  Ditto Publix down in FL.  I have a friend whose small chain in the Midwest does them.  One of the chains in my area tried it out and ended up pulling the program because anybody who wants a wedding cake around here automatically goes to one of the many long-established bakeries in the area :shrug:


The supermarket bakeries I know of, mine included, aren't equipped to do wedding cakes.  We don't have the cake sizes available for a tiered cake nor have the equipment, the fondant, etc.  We also don't have personnel experienced enough to make what's generally accepted as a bona fide wedding cake.


That said, I've done both shower and rehearsal cakes -- usually a sheet cake split, filled, iced, and more care taken with the decoration appropriate to the occasion, either in traditional buttercream or Bettercreme.  I'm not sure every chain can even do that, though.

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for what it's worth, the supermarket i used to work for


would do custom designs on cakes including wedding cakes


not a lot of lambeth designs particularly


but management would make an effort


by placing us in a vise


oh wait, i'm digressing   icon_biggrin.gif


but yeah we did' em

favorite slogan "you sweet talker, Betty Crocker"


favorite slogan "you sweet talker, Betty Crocker"


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Originally Posted by BlakesCakes View Post



I learned not to use the "R" word when I was in junior high 40 YEARS AGO......................



When I started reading professional baking manuals, I always had trouble understanding the term "retard" and "retarded" as applied to yeast dough.  It took me a while to realize that they meant "rise" and 'risen"


So oddly enough this is a profession where we can say "XX is retarded and needs punching down" long as we are referring to lumps of dough

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OK. So, firstly using the word "retard" is offensive to people who have, or who have children/other loved ones with, mental afflictions or learning disabilities. Its also offensive to people who are sensitive to discrimination occurring in general. If you have trouble getting your head around it, think about the misuse of the word 'gay' , applied in a derogoratory manner to an action or object.


Secondly, it is a clear directive of Jackie that no slanging of caking personalities occur on the forums (check her forum rules).


This thread is locked and the offensive posts deleted.

Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)

Life's too short to make cake pops.
___________________________________ (come visit sometime!)

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