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Hi all, I was wondering if i could stack a six inch fondant cake on top of an eight inch buttercream frosted cake. Will it look weird???? I want to make the fondant cake, and i have alreaady ordered the buttercream eight inch cake. will the buttercream cake hold the fondant cake? Thank you in advance! please answer quickly! 

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Without seeing the designs of each I have no idea if it will look weird.  You will be the best judge of that.  I would dowel it if you stack it - otherwise your 6" cake could possibly - sink or crush your bottom cake.  Especially if you are travelling with it.  Either way - dowel supports should be used in my opinion.  Good luck!

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It will hold the cake if you have support under it.  You need to use dowels, straws or bubble straws. I would recommend the SPS system if you have time to order it.


I can't say how the cakes will look together since I can't "see" them.  What will they look like?

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The bottom cake will be covered in white frosting with a ruffle border, the top cake will just be white fondant with the same border.

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I think it will be obvious that they are different.  Besides the texture being different, most likely the whites won't match either.  I am not saying, not to do it.  What is this cake for?

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It's for my daughter's b-day

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I've done a few mixed medium cakes. I thought they looked great.
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Oh you were asking if it's a structurally sound thing to do. Yeah, as mentioned above, needs proper support.
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Do you think I could see a picture of your mixed medium cakes?

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Thank you!

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Not sure if any of them are in these galleries now that I think of it. They're here though. John Deere one, rosettes (not well done rosettes, might I add...grrrrr) and sugar gems..might be a couple others.

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I recently did a purple fondant cake with a white buttercream cake stacked on top.

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The question has already been answered.. just want to say if anyone didn't click on AZ's photos, do! You're in for a treat icon_biggrin.gif

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Oh gosh, thanks howsweet, that's nice of you. I hope no one thinks I was fishing for lookers, I just can't cut and paste real well from my phone.icon_biggrin.gif
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I was the only one fishing for lookers! I'd just never seen your pics all together like that and wanted to share.

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