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Originally Posted by Crazy-Gray View Post

Great minds hey?! icon_smile.gif.... Although the other version of the idiom might be more accurate lol
Hehehe. What's the other version?
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I do work with my clients budget provided it's reasonable.

I will help them re design something more basic, have them select a less expensive filling/ flavor combination, sometimes a smaller cake with cupcakes.

I will not discount my original price and provide them with the same cake.

You already know when their friend comes to you they will be expecting a deal as well, and it snow balls, then you become ' the cheap cake lady'.

I do the same as many of you , if they are a pleasure to work with I will give them a little extra.

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The other version is the one I relate to more frequently; "fools seldom differ!"
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I just got an inquiry for 45servings with $100 budget. She wants a sheet cake carved into a high heel shoe. It's way off from my per serving price. The annoying thing about this is that my prices are listed on my website complete with a picture of cake sizes with how much it can serve. I swear people don't read anymore!
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Or think prices are just a starting point for them to haggle down. You don't get if you don't ask right?

I'm sure they wouldn't appreciate it if their boss offered them a 70% pay cut for the same work.
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Do other service people come down on their prices regularly?  Maybe some do, some don't. 

In the end you have to answer if you are in this as a business or to be nice.

If it's business then make a profit, pay yourself.

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i had this same email on monday as well and that her budget was $40 and she wanted to feed 30 people. i told her i can do one that feeds 10 people for $40. and the design was thomas train. wondering if same one. im from toronto ontario.
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I did it once and I ended up paying the price for it.. I felt bad for the lady, she wanted a carved cake for her hubby and only had a small budget.. I ended up giving it away and spent to much money on materials and to much of my time on a cake that I made zero on!! 

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I'll never do that again!!

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Not really. They describe what they are looking for, and if their budget allows for any type of design at all (if their serving needs are in line with what basic prices for that number of servings) then we proceed to set an appointment and I draw up a couple different ideas around that range. They can choose from those or not. 

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Now, if we'r talking about a cake that is $1,000 or more, and they would seriously walk over $40, then yeah, they can have it. And anyone that would stay firm with the prospect of $960 in their pocket or $0 in their pocket would be quite foolish if you ask me. On the flip side, I slightly underquoted a really detailed cake a few months back, but never heard back so I thought it was a no go anyways. Well, she contacted me again and says she now needs a cake that is 50 servings less. My original quote for 250 servings stood though, to make up for my miscalculations the first time around. She didn't mind. And I cannot WAIT to make this cake. I have a whole year and a half to wait though....grrrrrrrr. I don't usually copy other designs, but this one, holy mother of gawd it's too gorgeous not to. Waiting to hear back from the designer, as I sent a courtesy email letting her know that I'd like to use her design.

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