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Cupcake Containers

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I have a family reunion coming up and I volunteered to bring a variety of cupcakes however I do not have any cupcake containers can someone please tell me where I can purchase them. Please any information will help. Keep in mind I am not licensed I just enjoy baking from home.

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I purchase mine from plastic container city online, cheap and they have a great variety of sizes.

You can also try going to the bakery department at your local walmart or grocery store, some places will sell the containers they use.

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Thank you so much

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I buy mine on eBay. I just make them for myself, family and friends so normally buy card boxes on eBay or use a sweet tin!
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I absolutely LOVE my Cupcake Courier. In fact, so much so that over time I have purchased two and have considered buying a third. They do take up some space for storing, but they keep your cupcakes all neat and pretty during travel. No slipping, sliding or falling over. No touching other cupcakes and making a frosting mess. I highly recommend this carrier (if you couldn't tell). :)

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I have the same cupcake courier as sarahbakestudio. I ordered mind off Amazon but my Aunt found one at Marshall's (or TJ Maxx??) for about $20. I love that you can remove the cupcake trays to transport cakes. I like not having to throw away containers. icon_smile.gif

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Plastic container city is great for ordering them because you can get them in the number you need with lids or without etc. They are a great price as well.
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Don't know if this will help but here we have an AC MOORE store and they had cute cupcake containers on sale for $16.00 and they hold 24 cupcakes.   icon_biggrin.gif

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If your cupcakes will be of fondant...maybe u can create you own container..


I did this ones and everybody was happy to see the cupcakes..AppleMark

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