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I too received the same email from Mary George and also a Becca Winston. Becca Winston was the first to email me a few weeks ago. She said she was hearing impaired that's why she hadn't called me. I never said if I accepted credit cards so I never heard from her again. Today good ole Mary George emailed with the same request so that's when I decided to look online for scams. After a minute I figured it out. So this was my response back:

Unfortunately, "Mary George or Jane" I cannot take your "order." You see, you contacted me as Becca Winston a few weeks ago with the same order.

I do my research. Your phony name is all over the Internet.

First, no one uses a courier to pick up orders. Second, your English and writing skills are atrocious!

Whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself for preying on innocent people. I will be sure to post this all over the Internet to ensure that noone falls for this ****. Disgraceful!

Don't ever contact me again using any names or email addresses.
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i just got my first mary george email yesterday as well! i wanted to reply back with something nasty but i just ignored it.

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It's a scam.  A Cake to Remember VA has fun with them!  Check it out....

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Not to continue the current (derailment? distraction? eh whatever) but I just looooooove when the overseas telemarketers give such obviously fake names. John Wilson? Margaret Smith? Rebecca? Mark? Ok right, my butt! Do they think it makes us take them seriously, like we think they're calling from the states, as if it makes a difference? I really laugh at it out loud. 

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I used to say things like "your mother would be ashamed of you if she knew what you were doing" but then I figured they didn't have any morals anyway and wouldn't care.  Now I just say "Sorry, the last scammer stole all my money so I have none left for myself, let alone for you"

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I always copy and paste the e-mail into Google if I am suspicious, and it isn't a blatantly obvious scam. Almost every time you get a bunch of results of other people posting identical e-mails. (or at least identical e-mail addresses).


I love the telemarketer/scam calls, I ask them personal questions til they hang up :)

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Originally Posted by scrumdiddlycakes View Post


I love the telemarketer/scam calls, I ask them personal questions til they hang up :)


hee hee, this sounds like fun!  I would try it if I could control myself from laughing my head off

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I received an email from Becca Winston yesterday morning. Same store- she is hearing impaired and cannot speak with me on the phone. The email was extremely broken English which I did not think twice about as I have hearing impaired/ deaf friends and their English tends to be broken when they type as well. She told me she needed an order for 500 cake pops for Tuesday, March 19th and would not provide me with any other details. She insisted that she did not know how to use paypal but would provide me with any information I needed. I emailed her twice asking for more information and each time she would email me back and ignore my questions. The last email she said she was so short she just told me that she was fine with what I was charging her and to give her my address and how she could pay me. At that point my bells and whistles were going off and my husband was urging me not to respond. Luckily I did not, I mainly work out of my home and was not giving "her" my home address without her giving me any other information. Who has an event on a Tuesday night and needs 500 cake pops on such short notice!? I am so disgusted that there are people like that in the world. I found another post written by the owner of an italian restaurant in Florida, and what he described is EXACTLY what she has been emailing me, and very similar to what you have posted as well.Thank you for sharing so that I know I am not alone! 

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Offensive comments have been deleted.  

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SCAM!!! I received the very same email

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