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Stained Glass Wedding Cake
2 11
By callmetiff
Mar 28, 2014
1 8
By labelle24
Mar 25, 2013
White cake with hand-drawn stained-glass detail.  I tinted clear gel icing and added disco dust and luster dust for additional accents.
2 4
By skweak
Mar 26, 2013
My first attempt at stained glass. Done on buttercream icing using and Melissa's tutorial.
1 11
By JanDunlevy
Mar 30, 2013
Had friends for dinner and tried out my lemon curd, they liked it!  Yay!  I went out of my comfort zone with this design as I'm not a painter, whatsoever, but was inspired by this site actually.  Last week I saw the top daffodil cakes post and a stained glass tutorial, and decided to combine the two.  Thanks for looking!  Cheers!
11 7
By sunnydayz
Feb 25, 2014
By sugarkissed_net
Nov 21, 2012
Ivory fondant with candy flames
Crushed and melted Cinnamon Fire Jolly Ranchers and Butterscotch hard candy; baked at 300 degF on parchment for ~15 minutes, cooled, then broken into pieces.
By jenspin
Mar 9, 2013
Stained glass butterfly cake
4 14
By TheCakeLife
Feb 10, 2013
Candy flame detail
By jenspin
Mar 9, 2013
chocolate sugar cookies, MMF and RI decorations, RI outline/flood technique, jolly ranchers for stained glass, embossing, texturing, hand painting with gels and pearl-dusts, bunting, eyes with faery reflection, jeweled butterflies and dragons with fantasy themed messages, ivy leaves, elixir bottles
2 3
By virago
Jun 9, 2013
13 45
By pambakescakes
Sep 10, 2013
By thepinkpiper
Aug 4, 2013


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