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This is a cake I made for my mother to give to her Valentine on Valentine's Day.  I love this cake and had so much fun making it.  I also enjoyed making the bow out of the border ribbon.
By AlattaCakes
Feb 15, 2009
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By clairpaloma
Feb 15, 2009
For a romantic, intimately sized wedding on 2/14/09. Three layers (9, 6 and 4) of Red Velvet cake finished with ivory Buttercream. BC red roses. Not shown here is a silver heart topper that the bride gave me at the destination.  The 4" top layer was a special little cake just for the B&G to share.  Tfl!
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By Swede-cakes
Feb 15, 2009
MMF and royal icing complete the look of the cake. I initially had a difficult time getting the cakes to stand up correctly but with better supports it worked out in the end. TFL.
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By pattycakescookies
Feb 16, 2009
Fondant, stained glass candy, and cake make for a yummy valentine's treat for all my sweeties!
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By toby1
Feb 16, 2009
red velvet cake with cream cheese filling.  Buttercream
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By josumiko
Feb 16, 2009
This cake is meant to represent the moments during a wedding celebration where the bride and groom "escape" from reality and are only aware of each other.  The flowers are all made of gum paste and the top is adorned with bridgeless stringwork.
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By mkm25
Feb 17, 2009
10" round French Vanilla cake with Fondant accents.
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By McLin
Feb 18, 2009
This is a romantic cake I made for my hubby.   There is no fondant on here, only frosting.  The concept was a romantic walk in the park with our favorite icecreams.  We dropped them and they landed in the shape of a heart.  There is a 13x9x2 in. strawberry cake on the bottom, decorated with "frosting grass"  and "choc. frosting mud" with a shoeprint in it.  I wanted the happy birthday to be from the tread of the shoe.   There is also a 6in. Heart pan chocolate cake to make up the icecreams.    (it is my 1st cake attempt)
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By LadyLovelyCakes
Feb 18, 2009
i saw this in the wiltion yearbook and thought it would be cool to make and since christmas had past (in the yearbook it was shown for christmas) i decided to make it a valentines fireplace. it is made from rice crispies and melted chocolate candies. it was fun to make and made the perfect valentines day center piece for the table
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By nyc2003
Feb 20, 2009
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By elin
Mar 18, 2009
This castle cake was a lot of work. It would of been nice if the towers were hollow at the bottom. Transporting the cake was a bit tricky. Next time I will place the towers in the cake after transporting it.
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By netsirkbreanne
Mar 21, 2009
First time using the Wilton Romantic Castle set. Customer wanted a sheet cake, nothing tiered, all buttercream. 

See my other cakes at
By SliceTheCake
Mar 29, 2009
'Ik hou van je' means 'I love you' (in dutch), someone wanted it for his girlfriend, really romantic!

[edit] cake is made of spongecake, baked in normal heart cake pan (carved with a knife). Covered with fondant and the arrow is made of modelling paste.
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By mascha
Apr 14, 2009
I made this for my daughter's 5th birthday, using the Romantic Castle kit.  I assembled it at home and then had to travel in the boot (trunk) of the car with it so that it didn't collapse!!  Happy days!!!

Cinders  and mouse are figurines.
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By sares
Apr 25, 2009
Sweet colors, gold accents and a large pink-reddish rose on top! The cakes are all vanilla genovese sponge cakes, filled with layers of strawberry jam, SMBC with strawberry flavor (I add strawberry jam and a tiny bit of flavouring and colouring) and lots of pieces of white chocolate in it. All covered in marsefond and the decorations are of fondant. The rose is made of flowerpaste (gumpaste).
Thanks for looking!
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By Tartacadabra
Jun 11, 2009
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By lholla
Jun 12, 2009
I was asked to make a flowery romantic cake for someone's girlfriend. So, I got this idea from someone on CC. (I don't remember who, sorry. Thank you anyway!) The heat wasn't too nice on the fondant, but the girl loved it anyway. fondant/gumpaste roses, buttercream yellow cake w/ chocolate fudge/chocolate chip frosting. Cake covered in fondant.
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By poopascoopa
Jun 13, 2009
so this is the cake the customer paid me to let her help with, lol. the experience wasn't too bad. i did most of the time consuming stuff ahead of time and let her put the piping and flowers on. i had never done one of these wilton castle cakes before but the piping part was harder than i thought it would be, lol. but she liked so that's all tha counts.
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By yamber82
Jul 11, 2009
I used the Wilton's Romantic Castle kit for the first time.  I'm not an avid cake decorator, but like to do it occasionally.  Just a little upset that the chocolate candy melts on the towers didn't match my icing on the roof a little better.
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By ramblinrs8
Jul 21, 2009
Close to 300 fondant flowers. Balls on top of spires are fondant. Cake sprayed with pearl luster dust. All window/door/turret decorations are buttercream.
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By aarl622
Jul 26, 2009
A customer wanted a cute and romantic mini cake for two!
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By MissCallie
Aug 14, 2009
White cake with vanilla BC..Covered in IMBC, with sugar roses, stephanotis and ivy.
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By Kiwi777
Aug 23, 2009
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By Atkovic
Sep 12, 2009
11" heart shaped cake made from five layers of different  types of cakes and chocolate filling.The cake is covered in fondant and the lace pieces, bow and flower are made in gum paste. Inspired by Kerry Vincent. TFL.
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By LeonardoLi
Sep 20, 2009
This 5 tiered white weddingcake is filled with 4 fillings in every tier.
vanilla IMB with raspberry's, rapsberry preserve, raspberry IMB and vanilla IMB, coverd with white sugarpaste, decorated with white roses of flowerpaste and butterfy's of mexican past.
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By somethingsweetnnl
Sep 24, 2009
This 3 tiered weddingcake is catching your eye because of the warm redcolor in combination with the white flowers. It's a real eyecatcher and one of my favorites

Inspired by a design of Saskia the former owner of Sweetthings in Utrecht, The Netherlands
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By somethingsweetnnl
Sep 25, 2009
Made this for our good friends parents 60th Anniversary. It's a very tiny cake. 1 layer each of 8", 6", and 3.5" pound cake. I torted the bottom 2 layers and filled with homemade raspberry filling. Iced in buttercream and covered with fondant. Then I used super pearl luster dust to give it some sparkle. The miniature roses are made from gum paste. They are smaller than the tip of my pinky finger. I love how delicate this cake turned out. I'm adding a 2nd picture to show how small it really is.
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By CakeInfatuation
Sep 30, 2009
All bc, inspired by a picture in a very old Martha Stewart wedding book. Rough iced, with fresh rose petals (placed by florist). A week before the wedding, an extra tier was requested, so the proportions of the cake changed. I was not as happy with it, but they needed the extra servings and wanted them IN the cake, not seperate.
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By arosstx
Oct 6, 2009
10,6 strawberries and cream cake, cream cheese icing.  made this for my daughters 3rd birthday party.  she was so excited when she saw it!  made all those hours of preparing it so worth it!!  TFL
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By jfroman
Nov 3, 2009
I got this brilliant idea fron nefgaby, who got the idea from JennT. I loved it! I made the mistake of getting 10 oz cups, so I couldnt take a picture of them in one. I was suppose to get 16 oz cups. :o(
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By CristyInMiami
Jan 14, 2010
To me, this cake is pure romance; elegant, soft, and dreamy. Three tier cranberry cake with vanilla butter cream, wrapped (with love) in fondant.
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By DotteCakes
Feb 1, 2010
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By daisybelle
Feb 12, 2010
fondant flowers, real chocolates, red velvet inside.
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By PlayfulCake
Feb 12, 2010
Cake is iced in BC with satin rose petals.
By auntmandys
Feb 24, 2010
This romantic, stacked, round cake actually has a royal purple design, tipped with silver, to match the double hearts on the top.
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By madrepip
Mar 12, 2010
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By Atkovic
Mar 17, 2010
By vengerovje
Apr 12, 2010
My first wedding cake this year with red and white. I love red roses, I think they are so romantic! Filled with cherry cream and iced in white ganache and fondant. I delivered it at a high class venue which turned out to be the estate of the bride's parents. Funny since the bride and groom themselves live in a 1-bedroom apartment!
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By mireillea
Apr 16, 2010
Pink butter cream over chocolate and almond cakes wrapped in a fondant pearled ribbon. Roses are gum paste and matched her shower invitation.
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By Cakebaker57
Jul 10, 2005


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