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Pink, purple, and blue flower cupcakes
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By nholmes
Mar 24, 2009
This was a cake I did for my Valentine's Day class.  All buttercream, paper towel texturing.
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By Melodist
Mar 31, 2009
blue and purple roses on a office birthday cakes
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By LaurazCakez
Apr 5, 2009
A 3-tiered bridal shower cake. Bottom layer is Buttermilk coconut, middle layer is yellow cake the top layer is Lemon cake. All covered in Buttercream and Fondant. The flowers in the middle are not edible they are fake.
By softgreenside
Apr 5, 2009
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By deannarut
Apr 13, 2009
buttercream with fondant decorations and luster dust sparkles, except the middle layer is all fondant with edible fondant pearls.  Then of course a small #1 cake for the birthday girl.
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By carriegayle
Apr 14, 2009
I made this cake for my little daughter's pretend b-day (so i can practice :) ) I was very in a hurry and coul not do much for decoration, but i think it looks cute anyway.   Covered with fondant and ribon in bottom.  Grass and dots in butter cream.   I hope you like it
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By ClaudiaCake
Apr 22, 2009
For our Ladies' Bible Class luncheon.
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By cakemommy75002
Apr 24, 2009
The first Elmo cake was such a hit I had to make another.... So here it is! I did a lot of changes, like elmo popping out of the cake, the letters and numbers are smaller, but more of them, and the crayons are a little different too. I also changed the bottom layer so it had 3-D tree trunks, and make icing tree tops and icing clouds. I felt the icing gave it more of a realistic look. The entire cake is fondant or icing, except the yellow pieces at the top those are 50/50 fondant/gumpaste.... The cake is yellow cake with a simple white vanilla/almond icing. Please tell me what you think?
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By Pitchers_Bakery
May 3, 2009
Made this for friends 20th anniversary (it was just a little surprise).  I used a very pale moss green with various lavender roses (some solid/some mixed with white) brushed the petals with a luster dust.  I think the color combination is nice...........first time making the drapes/swags. Cake is lemon with lemon curd and a raspberry filling.  Buttercream covered in MMF.
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By grammecakes
May 5, 2009
This was a cake I made for my neice. I was very happy with the end result. It's covered in MMF and the middle tier is butter cream with sprinkles.
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By AudreyG
May 19, 2009
This was for a 1st birthday to match the hat.  I decided at the last minute to do the FBCT for the #1.  This is a 6' smash cake for the birthday boy and then they did a cupcake tower for the guests.  Very fun and colorful to do!  Thanks for looking!
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By texasseegirl
May 24, 2009
white cake w/choc filling and buttercream icing and fondant bows,tree's and flowers. pathway was made from graham crackers. the mother of the birthday girl bought the figures to put on top.tfl
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May 25, 2009
8'' square cake. Diamond MMF accents on side. Next time I'll add Tylose to harden the fondant . Just got Sharon's Boxes and Bows DVD so I tried one of her bows and I love it! Cake is Vanilla with Vanilla Mousse. Iced in BC.
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By alvarezmom
May 28, 2009
Esperanza wanted the yellow of Belle's dress and purple.  She studies ballet; daisies are her favorite flower and her grandmother's name!  The plaque is hand painted fondant and the flowers are fondant..
By NavyMom2007
Jul 5, 2009
white cake, buttercream frosting, purple roses
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By Andriegirl
Aug 2, 2009
this was my first cake. all purple fondant. chocolate on the inside :) started out as a COMPLETE disaster but turned out not too bad. in my mind. (keep in mind, it's my first try :P )
By actionmcjaxon
Aug 5, 2009
I swear the cake is not crooked- it's just the camera angle!!! This cake was for a little girl turning 4! She was VERY specific about the colors she wanted, and that she wanted a tiara, but the style was up to me (my favorite thing!!). Special thanks to misdawn for the tiara template! This was my first RI tiara and it was great! No breakage at all. 8" chocolate cake with strawberry filling and 10" WASC with strawberry filling. All fondant decorations. TFL! Oh, and this is a Sugarshack inspired design!!!
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By chefjulie
Aug 24, 2009
chocolate fudge cake with butter cream frosting and bc roses
By BridgetBrina
Sep 8, 2009
10 and 6in buttercream with fondant accents... I was so upset that my buttercream would smooth well that day:(    Thanks for looking:)
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By simplysweets
Sep 13, 2009
3 8-inch round cakes covered in mmf, and pearls, Thank you for looking.
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By nancysmom
Sep 22, 2009
For our women's gathering at church, we were to sit according to birthdays.  I was asked to make a different cake for each table.  Scratch white cake with buttercream.  I just realized looking at this photo that the pumpkin in the bottom left corner has no stem.  Maybe he has that scowl on his face because someone pulled it out!! LOL
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Sep 23, 2009
By Petya
Sep 27, 2009
By sophisticake
Sep 28, 2009
Other than the monogram crest and gold bow, which are gum paste creations, the rest of the cake is buttercream with slik roses and gold dragees.
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By LoveAtFirstBiteCakery
Oct 22, 2009
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By Boofycakes
Oct 26, 2009
a 1st birthday princess party for my freinds grand daugheter. choc cake w/choc ganache filling ,iced in buttercream,gumpaste tiara,and all other decorations are 50/50 fondant gumpaste.i also made the other two tiara's(1 choc. & 1 color flow) on the cup cake stands.they were just practice but my friend wanted to use them any way,i also made the little gumpaste crowns to  go on top of cupcakes,which my friend made,and she also wanted to help me make the little crowns,which was great,its alot quicker with two people doing it.
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Oct 28, 2009
butter cake with buttercream icing and fondant accents.
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By izzy1953
Nov 2, 2009
This is my first all fondant cake. They say practice makes perfect and I need LOTS of practice! This is a chocolate/orange cake with whipped chocolate bc filling and icing. All comments/suggestions welcome.TFL
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By chinadoll652003
Nov 7, 2009
My impression of an antique perfume bottle/can. Three 5-inch cakes makes the perfume bottle and my first attempt at a pillow (bottom cake) an 8x8 cake covered with fondant and airbrushed purple. My airbrush was "spitting"...eeekkk! TFL
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By BakingJeannie
Nov 9, 2009
Bottom cake is yellow filled w/ vanilla frosting and the top is chocolate cake filled w/ chocolate frosting. Outside is Wilton's decorator's icing from the tub. Very fun cake.
By Jazdeezie
Nov 9, 2009
Cake and matching cupcakes for my daughter's 5th birthday.  All decorations were done in fondant.  The zebra was inspired by mylan here on CC.
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By shelly150
Nov 15, 2009
Tinkerbell for a new six year old.  Mushroom was made from cooking part of the cake  mix in a Pyrex bowl and putting it over a layered 6" cake (carved down in size slightly).  Top of mushroom is fondant but base is BC.   Round base cake is also BC.  Tinkerbell herself is actually a candle.  But the rest is fondant or fondant/ gum paste mix.
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By tmvetter
Nov 15, 2009
wedding cake.  Royal icing flowers
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By robsolano
Nov 16, 2009
Red Velvet and White layered cakes with apricot glaze and vanilla bean butter cream, covered in fondant.  Elvis, his guitar and music notes are made of fondant.  Flowers are hand painted.  TFL!
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By SusanReis
Dec 30, 2009
I made this per customer's provided picture for a bridal shower.  It was WASC filled with fudge, iced in buttercream.  All accents made from MMF.
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By TotallyBaked
Jan 10, 2010
6 27
By ssunshine564
Jan 15, 2010
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By bakesuzy
Jan 24, 2010
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By Fantasticakes
Jan 24, 2010
It's my first time stenciling a cake.  It's not perfect but I'm very happy how it looks.
Thanks for looking
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By twinmomgirl
Jan 30, 2010


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