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a little pig
By 11carol
May 11, 2010
These are my first attempt at making animal figurines I am still very new to all this and learning along the way.  I have copied most of the design from a friend
By nutley
Sep 7, 2009
Farm cupcake toppers
By mariajoselunas
Jun 1, 2013
same cake ... used yellow cake recipe and flavored with pineapple juice (sub'd for for liquids) and a coconut butter cream icing
By mina_lozano
Jun 30, 2009
Pig, sheep, barn, cow and chicken made for a babys 1st birthday
By wayneu94
May 18, 2010
for a Farm themed birthday cake (in my gallery).  All fondant.  Thanks!
By chica07
May 17, 2009
Fondant/tylose farm animals
By ginak
Jan 19, 2009
By milliegonza
Sep 17, 2007
By scncosta
Aug 1, 2010
By Victorry
Aug 25, 2013
George Pig
By TheCakeProject
May 27, 2013
Pig Cupcakes
By scrappinraiderfan
Jan 5, 2013
Peppa the Pig cake
By tideeboo_larkilou
Feb 21, 2013
By Mandy3442
Jul 28, 2011
Made from mixed of MMF and icing fondant.
By alwayscake
Sep 29, 2007
Made this pig topper for a barn themed baby shower. TFL!
By kileyscakes
Oct 14, 2010
By momade
Sep 6, 2010
By FrostThis
Jul 5, 2012
Fondant pigs
1 34
By Cheneya
Jan 29, 2007
By Jessye-May
Jun 11, 2011
This is the back side of the cake I did for my neice's 1st birthday.  I posted the origianl last week. I still had a few things to finish, but I think it turned out o.k.  The "1" broke and I had to do some repairs.  I had to drive 5 hours with it!
By kello
Apr 27, 2008
All fondant figure. Pearl luster dust on pig costume areas.
By krissy_kze
Nov 25, 2005
This is a spice cake with cream cheese frosting.  FBCT for Thanksgiving/November theme.
By SweetieD
Dec 11, 2006
Piper's Pig Cake for her 1st Birthday
By vance29687
Jun 2, 2009
Fondant animals created for a barn/farm cake.
By Virginia
Feb 20, 2007
By thepinkpiper
Aug 4, 2013
Pigs in mud
By scrappinraiderfan
Apr 5, 2013
These are pigs I made for a farm cake. I wraped their little tails around a tooth pick, let them dry a few minutes, poked a whole in the back of the pig, inserted a little gum glue and stuck the tails in...carefully!! The tails crack me up!!
By Sarsi
Sep 15, 2007
By Misy83
Mar 21, 2011
Could not resist putting the tail :). Sorry I could not combine the picture into 1 page.
By alwayscake
Sep 29, 2007
By mina_lozano
Jun 30, 2009
Forgot to upload this one. Made of MMF. Mum looks sad ?
By alwayscake
Oct 28, 2007
Farm animals 3d cupcake toppers
By mariajoselunas
Jun 6, 2013
Farm animals cupcake toppers made with cricut cake
By mariajoselunas
Jun 6, 2013
Fondant Hamm the Piggy Bank for Toy Story Bed cake.
By stephlpy8
Nov 15, 2010
Close up picture of the pig that was on 1st B-day cake uploaded earlier
Made from MMF.
By cakesbybert
Mar 7, 2007
Fondant Hamm, Rex, Slinky and Mr. Potato Head. Woody and Buzz are Toys. I made these for my sons Toy Story Bed Birthday Cake.  I'm not real happy about how Rex came out but I love the other 3 :) Any comments welcome. TFL
By stephlpy8
Nov 15, 2010
Made of fondant
By amyfj1
Sep 27, 2009


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