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By: Sweet Celebrations
This cake was done for the West Point Fire Dept. They were hosting a coloring contest for the local public school.
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By jamiet
Nov 29, 2006
i had no idea what to do for this cake. i'd never even heard of Fireman Sam. they loved it anyway : )
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By redsoxgirl
Dec 12, 2006
I made this fireman using the mini stand-up bear.  The coat and hat are made from candy clay.  The rest is buttercream.
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By libbyhunt
Apr 13, 2005
This is a white cake made to look like my son's fireman hat.  It has buttercream icing.  I had fun making it.
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By tsuitor
Mar 16, 2006
decorated with buttercream
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By sdfisher
Apr 5, 2006
This cake was a last minute thing I did for my friend's 43rd. bday.  I got the idea from a cake on this site, of course!
It was a lemon cake with raspberry filling.  I took the picture at home so I couldn't light the candles for it (for effect) but, hopefully, I'll get the picture that was taken at the party.
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By lpino
Feb 6, 2006
This is my first cake ever!  Which explains why it's so wonky... LOL.  One of these days I'll figure out how to make the sides even!  Anyhoo, for a friend's baby shower - daddy is a fireman, and copied the hydrant from baby's bedding...
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By knittingirl
Feb 4, 2006
Made as the groom's cake @ a wedding.  They loved it.  I personalized it to look just like his hat.
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By JenniferRemington
May 15, 2006
This was done for a little boy's 1st birthday.  The firetruck is a FBCT.
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By gmcakes
Mar 16, 2007
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By LittleLinda
Jun 29, 2006
I used a 9 inch square cake cut down for the fire engine.  It is based on Jupiter, Fireman Sam's fire engine (from the children's cartoon).

I have made this cake twice and it was very time consuming but I was pleased with how it turned out.
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By Panda-monium
Jul 30, 2006
French vanilla cake with whipped raspberry filling, iced in buttercream.  Fondant baby, dog, fire hydrant, and stars.  Edible image fire trucks, hats, and boots.  Thanks for looking!
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By newtocakes
Jul 31, 2006
The fireman was made from the 3-d bear pan and the truck is sculpted from a loaf pan.
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By divaofcakes
May 2, 2006
Used a Wilton character pan (been so long, can't remember which one).  Used cardboard cutout for hat.  Black licorice for hose.  Separate little iced cake for fire hydrant.  All cakes iced in buttercream.
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By gourmetcakes
Aug 4, 2006
8" chocolate cake filled with raspberry buttercream, covered in fondant.  Figures are fondant and the flames are buttercream.  This cake was a donation to the Camp BUCKO silent auction held in honour of fallen Fire Fighter Bill Wilkins.  The figures are taken from The Sculpey Way with Polymer Clay.
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By tripletmom
May 13, 2006
This design was done with a pattern transfer from a coloring book.  The little boy loves dogs and his dad is a fireman.
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By wehmom
Aug 23, 2006
This cake was done for a little boy who loves Firemen!  It is an 11 X 15 cake cut to the shape.
By Susieindy
Aug 29, 2006
One of three cakes made for my co-workers at the 9-1-1 center, for National Telecommunicator Week.  Little Hero pan by Wilton iced w/ bc icing.
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By srod911
Sep 9, 2006
Customer wanted firetruck theme. I put the firetruck on front, a fire and fireman with waterhose on one side, a couple of trees on the back and a firehouse on the other side. The fire hydrant, dalmation, firehat and boots are candles. And the 4 fire hydrants on front are candles.  The squigglies on top are royal icing. I also spelled out his name and his age "4" on top. I was very pleased with this cake. I think my favorite part is the fire and the fireman on the side.
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By bakermomof2
Sep 16, 2006
Another view of the firetruck cake. This is the fireman putting out the fire.
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By bakermomof2
Sep 16, 2006
This is cake I made for my BL with the help of many of you.  Thanks so much for all the help.  He is a fireman and it was was his 4oth birthday.  White cake with bc icing and thin ganache.
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By turnerdmann
Sep 21, 2006
A big THANKS to adven68!! This cake was inspired by her Fireman's cake. The bday boy is a fireman and his nickname is "Slacker". Although he's not one. The cake is covered with BC and fondant accents.
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By KittisKakes
Sep 23, 2006
I want to give adven68, sweetdreams and kittisKakes credit for my inspriation.  I dont know who had the idea first, but I thought it was so cute!  It is a 10 and 8 inch covered with mmf.  The ladders are royal icing, the fireman, truck and hydrant are chocolate transfers.  the fire is BC.    It is for a 3 year old birthday party tomorrow.  This is the first time I am making a cake for this family, so I hope it will meet their expecations.  I had SOOOO much trouble doing the fondant this time.
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By springlakecake
Sep 28, 2006
By: Sweet Celebrations
By jamiet
Sep 30, 2006
This is a white cake with chocolate sprinkles to resemble a dalmation. The fireman and hose are all made of fonadant, the nozzle is fondant with silver luster dust.
By nene1296
Sep 30, 2006
Thanks to Debbie, aka, the cakemaker, for her directions on how to make a 3D fireman's helmet!  This was my first such cake, and without her instructions, I could not have done it.  The Springfield NJ Fire Dept. wears yellow helmets and I put it on top of a chocolate "firehouse" just for presentation.
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By SweetSue1
Oct 2, 2006
My first cake in wilton class 1. Not great but i was proud anyway!
By winjobit77
Aug 2, 2006
my first fireman cake, for a friends son
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By fondantchick
Oct 2, 2006
This was a failed attempt at using the stand-up house pan. I used the cake leveler and completely took out the backside of the eaves, so I had to lay it down. It's fitting that it looks pitiful, as this is one of our oldest fire houses in the county. It's for their annual golf tournament - so hopefully those golfers will be so hungry they won't notice it's kind of shabby!
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By tragicdeathpickles
Oct 5, 2006
This little guy is just precious! I love him so much I can't believe someone is going to eat him! I think the little hero pan is my favorite pan ever! This is for one of our fire station's anual golf tournament.
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By tragicdeathpickles
Oct 5, 2006
b-day cake for my DH 20 year fd member!! His bunkers and boots- buttercream and fondant"over-lay" and details- black BC is a pain in the pa toot !!! next tims fondant- not exactly what was in my head but o.k. I guess
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By sweetviolent
Oct 8, 2006
This cake was done for my step-son for his 10th birthday.  He loves firemen and all of the cakes that I looked at looked too juvinile.  I was going to make him the fire helmet, however, I was short on time.  This was a creation with lots of help from a good friend and my husband.  The tall cake is several layers of a loaf pan cake cut and torted to make the tower.  The square cake is a double layer 6".
By pastrypantry
Aug 19, 2006
My son had a field trip to the fire station, so we brought a cake! It's chocolate with buttercream and fondant - I did the shield after the design at the local fire station. It was a fun cake to make! Wish my photography skills were better :)
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By dydemus
Oct 21, 2006
Firetruck cake for a little boy's 3rd birthday party.  He is crazy for firemen.  Also made fire helmet cookies to go along with the cake.  The cake is all buttercream with fondant accents and royal icing ladder. Thanks to edencakes for all of her help!!!
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By LuvCakes
Oct 28, 2006
Cookies for a little boy that is crazy for firemen.  The cookies went along with his firetruck cake for his 3rd birthday.
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By LuvCakes
Oct 28, 2006
This is a mini, I have made quite a few mini cake's for samples. My boy's took them to work and I took some to all three shifts a the nursing home where my Dad is.
By Ditter
Nov 2, 2006
This cake was totally inspired by Earlene's Cakes.  With her instructions in hand I was able to tie the groom's 3 careers into one cake (perimedic, fireman and policeman).  I was totally happy with the results. Scattered around the fall leaves were chocolate pieces of different items he might use while on duty.
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By AlamoSweets
Nov 5, 2006
This design is based on a cake by Boween.  Thanks for the insipration!!  Airbrushed the sides blue.  Fondant baby, fondant accents, and edible image plaques.
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By newtocakes
Nov 6, 2006
Thanks to all the other helmets here at CC! I was able to download the offical badge from the city's website and make an edible image- icing on the cake :). This cake was to thank the firemen for a tour for our preschool co-op. Sculpted chocolate cake, fondant.
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By mysonshines
Nov 26, 2006
fireman is made with the little bear pan and the fireman truck is made with a loaf pan
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Jan 3, 2007


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