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see back of bridal dress
By tanyacakes
Jul 13, 2007
As you all know, I'm very new to this game.  This is my first attempt at outlining and filling, (I usually dip), and my first writing.  Please, any feedback is appreciated.  It's sugar cookie with RI.  Squares and dress painted with gold luster dust, white letters painted with silver luster dust.  I didn't want to do white dress and black tux since it's anniversary and not wedding
By shiney
Jul 21, 2008
13" x 18" Half Sheet Cake 
-half devil's food cake with mint buttercream filling 
-half vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream and raspberry preserve filling 
-vanilla buttercream frosting -fondant "dress" 
-artificial flowers, metal accessories
By Ireaa
Mar 8, 2008
All decorations edible
By tanyacakes
May 25, 2009
This is the side/back view of the Barbie wedding dress cake that I made.  It is a replica of the Bride's own wedding dress.  Front view image and description of pans and technique are also located within my album.
By hockeymom
Jan 29, 2011
Better pix coming soon
By millicente
Apr 14, 2008
This is a close up of the Hello Kitty I made from chocolate clay for my niece's 4th birthday cake.  Kitty herself is hand molded, and her dress was made of chocolate clay cut with a flower shapedd cookie cutter.
By krstik
Jun 25, 2007
This is the back of my 3D tutu cake. Thanks for looking!!
By CakeL8T
Dec 22, 2006
my friend had another angle photo! it can't be seen well in this pic, but the ruffles of the dress are brushed with shimmer dust. top tier is butter vanilla cake with strawberry filling, bottom tier is carrot cake with white chocolate cream cheese frosting. all covered and decorated in fondant. thanks all here in cc for the inspiration! you all gave me the courage to try something like this!
By cosmicbear
Jul 24, 2007
Baby dress and onesie in gumpaste
By gonda
Feb 24, 2007
I took this idea from one of Debbie Brown's books, but decided to make my own additions. I gave her hair, brought her eyes to life, and her dress is 100% edible, unlike Debbie Brown using a paper cupcake wrapper for the dress. I also decided to turn her into a candle holder, and the candle is actually embedded into her dress while touching her hand giving the illusion that she's holding the candle. I have decided that THIS figure will be the topper  and the candle for my daughter's birthday cake. This is my second gumpaste figure, and I can already see quite an improvement from my first attempt. I want to add that I have not used any tutorials for making this figure. Thanks for looking!
By MrsNancyB1
Sep 14, 2009
Yellow dress cookie
By tspvanilla
Aug 10, 2011
By regymusic
May 27, 2006
Lemon cake with BC and covered in bright pink fondant with daisies to match the company logo.
By Kiwi777
Aug 5, 2007
part of my wedding collection
By millicente
May 5, 2008
here is the back of the dress;-)
By kden3980
Aug 6, 2007
This will adorn a christmas cake soon.
By chocchippy
Dec 15, 2011
By evanew
Sep 9, 2012
By DAV81
Jan 13, 2010
By my2boys
Jun 14, 2007
Close up of bridal dress
By tanyacakes
Jul 13, 2007
Made at the ICES mini classes with Susan Carberry. Mine didn't come out exactly like hers, but it was my first attempt at cookies with fondant. I thought all the cookies looked cute anyway! Second picture shows more of the "fur" effect around the collar and sleeves.
By cakefairy03
Jan 18, 2010
By MamaNenascakes
Apr 13, 2009
Here's the Bottom tier....All fondant with piped royal pearls. Fondant Flowers.Thanks for looking
By spottydog
Aug 12, 2006
SC w/RBC and TG.  Yes, they do have ta-tas.  My cheeky way of doing the beloved heart dress for breast cancer fundraiser.  TFL
By shiney
Nov 7, 2008
By DAV81
Jan 13, 2010
By rosamatsas
May 30, 2010
By cakesbyashli
Dec 12, 2010
Made for a wedding shower.
By DAV81
Jan 13, 2010
another cookie destined to be a shower favor. I love these edible favors a opposed to the dust collectors given out.
By rosamatsas
May 30, 2010
Made for a wedding shower.
By DAV81
Jan 13, 2010
By Alysia1982
Jun 3, 2011
By lvelezr
Jun 20, 2011
By DAV81
Jan 13, 2010


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