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By PinkPiggySweets
May 20, 2014
Zeta Tau Alpha Sorority Cake
By WhimsyCakes
Feb 26, 2014
By hatchettgirl
Mar 28, 2013
Sleeping Beauty pillow cake.
By coleyscakes
Mar 9, 2013
This is my two pieces birthday cake made by me! Crown was made with 24 carats "gold" (homade fondant) with "true" painted pearls. To make it I used Wilton Baroque Fondant Mold, small daisy mold and royal icing as a glue. Red velvet pillow it is red velvet cake filled with mascarpone cream cheese with wipped cream and jello gems! I hope you will like my 21st cake!!!
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By al-tomczak
Mar 15, 2013
By Thoughtfulcakes
Jun 5, 2013
Clare's Crown Party Favors
By dee_mark
Feb 17, 2013
By Maery
Oct 14, 2013
By T-CreativeCakes
Sep 11, 2013
Birthday cake fit for a queen
By CakesEtcLindsay
Apr 1, 2014
Big & Smalls - Girly, Princess themed cake and cupcakes. A 6 inch cake and 10 cupcakes. This was made for a friends little girl and it had to be pretty princess themed. All decorations are handmade and edible.
By TheSugarplumB
Aug 19, 2013
prince with a gold crown
By mcalegan
Jul 17, 2014
1st birthday cake with smash cake, lots of different flowers, butterflies, toadstools, musical notes and songbird
By baking4ever
Nov 6, 2013
By SliceOfSweetArt
Jul 1, 2013
Fun and unique wedding cake for a couple of tattoo artists
By minxydhmtb
Apr 8, 2013
Gumpaste number with crown and box
By Corikiky
Sep 6, 2013
Princess Birthday Cake
By Thoughtfulcakes
Apr 15, 2013
Crown 1st birthday cake
By JillOfAllTradez
Nov 11, 2013
Crown for 14th Birthday Girl Pillow
By wrkingrl
Dec 14, 2010
This was the smash cake for my granddaughter.  Frosted in buttercream with gumpaste crown and craft jewels.
Aug 28, 2007
Piper's Crown Cake
By vance29687
Jun 2, 2009
I need a crown of thorns for a cake this weekend.  This is what I came up with but I'm not sure I like it.  Can anyone give me suggestions on how to make a better crown of thorns?
By pbhobby
Dec 1, 2010
Gumpaste tiara painted with pink sheen airbrush color.
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By Loucinda
Aug 10, 2009
Buttercream icing, fondant crown painted with wilton silver
By yellobutterfly
Oct 13, 2010
Second view of infamous tiara.
By SweetSue1
Oct 19, 2006
Tiara topper made with Satin Ice gum paste. Still needs to be painted silver but I wanted to take a picture just in case I broke it:)
By TamathaV
Jul 10, 2009
Here is another gumpaste crown I did (I think I like my first one in my gallery better).  All hand rolled.  I'm glad I took a picture of this before it was completely dry bc that's when I notices my left front swirl was coming undone!!!  YIKES!!!!!  WOW! That picture is big...SORRY!!!
This one was kinda chunky because I was hurrying to get it done.  I think the chunky is kinda fun.
By msauer
Feb 18, 2007
white chocolate tiara with an "i" in gold for the birthday girls name TFL
By KHalstead
Jan 7, 2009
Close-up of the Gum paste crown on "Always a Princess" cake.
By reenie
Aug 30, 2008
My first attempt at a not yet pearlized/painted gum paste tiara ....just before it broke! :( I made it last night and I know shouldn't have taken it off the mold (impatient!) before it had a chance to dry. Lesson learned!! TFL!
By Dells
Jan 24, 2010
I made this cake for the Prince and Princess of our Kingdom.

The words and images are edible images, the crown is plastic.
By mrstrucker
Oct 1, 2012
My first and probably last tiara.  Painted gold luster dust on hearts and the letter B.  Pearl luster dust on the rest, but didn't show up too well.
By Beecharmer
May 25, 2007
This was done all in royal icing and then painted with luster dust.
By Punkysmom
Jun 16, 2009
smash cake for twins. whip cream icing "nondairy"
By janaleigh425
Feb 10, 2010
Royal Icing Tiara made for a princess cake
By Arenita
Aug 1, 2010
My very first gumpaste tiara.  It's not totally finished, but I'm still proud of it.  I got the inspiration from Missyek and even did a takeoff of her pattern (thanks!).  I can't wait to complete it and work on the pillow cake tomorrow.
By Sugar_Plum_Fairy
Mar 12, 2007
Cushion cake (carved, but not very well!), with fondant and fondant accents. Dusted with pink luster dust. Tiara is Royal icing, with pink cachous. Just a practice cake to practice my piping (getting there) and carving (needs more practise)
By vcm_9
Mar 20, 2009
These were my first crowns EVER!  Yay!  So pleased with the outcome.  So thankful for all the information on CC.  My own design, no template.  Used Wilton fondant and painted them with silver luster dust.  Thanks for looking!
By tcwheeler
Sep 7, 2010
This is a close up of a gumpaste crown I made for a Princess Cake (previously posted).  The crown was hand rolled for some parts and others were formed with a playdough toy.  I started off following a picture posted by missyek, but changed it as I went along.  Gumpaste was colored purple and then airbrushed with super pearl.
By msauer
Sep 16, 2006
crown made out of royal icing. Made on wax paper taped to an oatmeal container. Just to enjoy eating.
By chappepoo
Apr 15, 2012


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