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By antonia74
May 28, 2005
This is a cake for my mom's birthday, that flopped.  Flowers and cake all started leaning :(  It's a white cake with lemon filling, decorated with Toba Garrett's fondant.  Hopefully it tastes better than it looks.  Flowers are sugar cookies.
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By brownlg05
Nov 3, 2007
First royal iced decorated cookies.
By sweetbaker
Apr 23, 2006
By christinasconfections
Oct 4, 2005
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By dandelion
Jun 13, 2006
My first time doing cookies. I will keep trying. I learned alot of things from all the mistakes so next time should go better.
By FancyLayne23
Apr 13, 2006
Favor cookies for niece's birthday.  Looked all over for a cutter - couldn't find one so I made it myself.  Makes a really nice size cookie.
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By Lambshack
Aug 2, 2006
My friend and I decorated these cookies in honor of National Watermelon Day (we were having an event with our kids).  Too lazy to make royal icing or anything else, so we just airbrushed them!  Seeds are black BC.
I am getting some practice with cookies in ever since I found out there is a cookie club!  And guys...I need practice!!!
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By msauer
Aug 3, 2006
I made these cookies to coordinate with my Niece's Birthday cake.  They were done in all buttercream.
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By debrab
Aug 13, 2006
Sugar cookies with rolled buttercream icing.  Fondant bee.
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Jun 9, 2006
My first attempt at a cookie boquet.  It was for my friend's birthday.  I love the gingerbread people.  These two are in swim suits.  I should have taken the picture before bagging each cookie.
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By jackieb
Sep 23, 2006
By midialjoje
Oct 14, 2006
NFSC with Wilton Poured Cookie Icing.  Very easy and fun to do!
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By jstritt
Oct 17, 2006
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By cat633
Jul 13, 2006
Close-up of individual cookie wrapped.  These were for Red Ribbon Awareness week at my dd's elementary school.  They had a walk-a-thon to raise awareness to drugs and violence.  The child that raised the most from each classroom, received a school store gift certificate and a red ribbon cookie.
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By ps3884
Nov 4, 2006
Getting in the holiday spirit!!  NFSC and Antonia's icing.
Thanks for looking!
By kucci
Nov 26, 2006
More Ohio State graduation cookies.  NFSC w/ antonia74 icing.
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By rsaun
Dec 6, 2006
these are thumbprint with nutella and jam ,madeleine ,choclate surprise bars ,candy cane and christmas cookies.
By atoosa
Dec 26, 2006
NF sugar cookies with royal icing and candy melt details. The red body of the sleigh is Wilton red candy melts. The white and black is royal icing with white glitter for the snow.  I got this idea off of this website and also a cookie cutter company website. Thanks to all of you for the inspiration!  Every holiday I make cookies and sell them at my office for $3.00 a piece.  It's a lot of work but the money sure adds up when we're talking 3 dozen cookies or so! I can't wait for my Valentine Day cookies!
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By heidinamba
Jan 6, 2007
Tea pot cookies for my grandma's 90th birthday celebration- a high tea! It was my first try doing cookies with the royal icing.  Very cool effect, I love it.  The lavendar turned out to be a bit thick and didn't get smooth but the pink was perfect!  The lavendar ones were done while holding a 9 month old teething baby at 2 in the morning so I'll be easy on myself this time!!
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By my3girlies
Jan 31, 2007
These were for my mother-in-law, who works at LSU. NFSC with Royal Icing.
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By Sunflowerbagel
Feb 26, 2007
These are a "welcome baby" gift a customer ordered for her cousin to celebrate the birth of her new baby boy.  They are NFSC w/ antonia74 icing.
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By rsaun
Mar 7, 2007
These are some cookies I made for Valentine's Day
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By Tramski
Mar 17, 2007
Cookie favors with No Fail recipe covered in fondant.  Wasn't sure if the idea of the star as "negative" space would work--thought it was too detailed and could puff closed when baked or too fragile and break.  BUT  worked beautifully:) with freezing each tray about 5-10 minutes before baking them.  Also helped to use parchment paper to roll on and not need to transfer/move them before baking.  Loved the popular pink/chocolate theme too.  Packaged in wilton's mini ?4x6celephane bags--handmade tags.
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By margery
Mar 24, 2007
Here are some 5 inch personalized cookie place cards for Easter dinner. NFSC & RI
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By Sunflowerbagel
Apr 3, 2007
This is my first cookies bouquet!  I used NFSC and RI for the first time.  I had a great time with this!
By ncbert
Apr 6, 2007
Easter egg sugar cookies decorated with MMF and shimmer dust. They are 4 1/2 inch high. Thanks for looking!
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By sweetalmond
Apr 7, 2007
Edible markers would not work on the RBC and I ran out of RI.  But I wanted to try a new cookie recipe.
Modified Penny's recipe for chocolate with RBC and RI.
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By JenWith
Apr 7, 2007
Butter cookies with almond sliver finger nails.  A little treat for a halloween party I'm going to on Friday night.  I saw this idea on CC and cannot remember who's it was but thanks for the inspiration!
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By pammelasue
Oct 26, 2006
NFSC with rolled buttercream.  Decorated with royal icing.
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By Newatdecorating
May 30, 2007
I wasnt paying attention when I decorated this one either..I was planning on having the top section blank...its ok...she ate it anyways :)
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By chqtpi
Jun 29, 2007
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By guerrosos
Jul 25, 2007
A butter cream covered cake with real chocolate chip cookies for a Cookie Monster lover
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By roslynscakes
Jul 26, 2007
The initials are of the bride and groom's first names.
By manatee
Aug 15, 2007
Pirate cookie made from a template I made myself
By Ursula40
Aug 27, 2007
sugar cookies w/royal icing
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By colleen4963
Sep 24, 2007
I made these for my sister in laws Bridal shower.  No Fail Sugar Cookies with Antonia's Icing.  YUMMY.
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By sunflowerfreak
Sep 30, 2007
This is my first attempt at using royal icing, as well as my first attempt to decorate cookies.
By saharagreen
Oct 8, 2007
These are some Halloween cookies I made to send to my nieces and nephews.
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By Tramski
Oct 16, 2007
I had a request for a Thanksgiving cookie bouquet, so this is what I cam up with.  The cookies are NFSC with antonia74's RI.
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By mawagner
Nov 6, 2007


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