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This is one of my favorite cakes i have done so far!
By Bearnie
Nov 27, 2012
Canon 5D mk II camera cake made with marshmallow fondant
By niamhy
Aug 4, 2013
A chocolate cookie cake (my favorite one when it cames to sculpt cakes), black chocolate ganache and fondant covered. All edible. Hope you like it.
2 3
By Kyriaki
Oct 9, 2013
Double actual size, this cake stood at over 5" tall.  I loved every second of making it.  The detail was as accurate as possible and took hours!
All the features were hand made and the writing was hand painted.  The entire cake was edible.
2 7
By xoxoxCelebrationCakes
May 22, 2013
By Kyriaki
Oct 9, 2013
Camera and photo album
By pattygirl254
Jan 25, 2014


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