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Air bubble under the fondant :(

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I just made this cake for a friend. It was all nice and no problems then she sends me a photo and I see a massive air bubble right under the name plaque :'(
Feeling so bad now, I did everything to try and avoid an air bubble and I thought it was fine. It's been really hot here so maybe the temperature caused it?

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Pierce it with a pin and gently push the air out without leaving marks, hope it works
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Thanks fleur-de-nina, the bubble happened after it was picked up, wasn't there when it was picked it developed later. I'm just wondering what could have caused it? Maybe hot temperature?
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How frustrating and how nice of her to send you a pic of it!!
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Those are caused by air pockets inside the cake making their way out. The best way to avoid them is to just make sure that there are no gaps in the spaces between the layers by pressing down on the cake when you put the layers together, but sometimes it happens anyway. If the cake is cold and it warms up any air that's trapped will expand and try to make its way out.


Something that you can do in the future is to poke small holes in the surface of the fondant in places that aren't really obvious, like around the edges of the plaque or were the dots would be, then let the cake sit for  a few hours at room temp and allow any air that's inside to come out. Then cover the holes with the decorations.

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cupcakemaker you are right, how nice to send a photo. I think she sent it so I could see it icon_sad.gif
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Thread Starter great tip about poking holes, I think I will try this next time. I made sure I pressed down on the layers and I pushes the frosting right into the gaps so I think it was caused by the temperature. I kept the cake cool but don't know how they kept it even though I mentioned to them to keep it in an air conditioned room.
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