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Friday Night Cake Club for 11-29-13

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Opening up another session of the FNCC. Sorry it's a day late! I always get messed up with the holidays! This is for anyone who wants to talk about their week, share photos of their work, ask for help or provide help if you can!



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I swear the holidays always mess my week up. Hard to remember what day of the week it is when family is swirling around! Of course when they are as cute as my grandson then it's easy to be forgetful! LOL! Here in the USA it was "Thanksgiving" and we were surrounded by family for 3 days. This was, for us, after a full week of vacationing in the Los Angeles area. We did Disneyland but also visited Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Hollywood and other points of interest like the Huntington Library and Griffith Observatory. It was a FULL week.


Cooking wise I spent the week submerged in pumpkin! Of course, 3 pumpkin pies, but also biscotti, muffins, bread and pancakes! We went to family dinners for lunch and dinner on Thursday so bringing dessert was as much cooking as I did then but the kids came to our house yesterday (the middle daughter's husband always puts up our Christmas lights the day after T'giving) so I did the traditional turkey dinner again. Tonight is Turkey Tortilla Soup. Helps to use up the leftovers!


This upcoming week I have a "Mater" cake. Going to try to create a Mater truck from cake and buttercream for a 6 year olds birthday. It should be tons of fun! The mom started off proposing a half sheet cake and I talked her into a more real looking stacked cake<G>. She was so happy about my design that she tipped me BEFORE I've even made it! Just a bit of pressure there! LOL!


Tell me about the two weeks I've missed!



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I actually have two this week! One Lego batman, two tier choc and vanilla cake for a good friend's little boy. And my very first carved cake for my husbands birthday today icon_smile.gif. This one nearly did my head in... But pleased with it overall! [IMG]
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Lego batman one
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That is my simple, but tasty turkey cake;))
IMG_37384652538870.jpeg 123k .jpeg file
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I've had a quiet week this week, but last week had three cakes to do :-)  They were all quite different, which was good.


The first was for an 18th birthday.  The design so fitted in with my friend's character:



The second was for a 10th anniversary.  It was just a simple cake, but they loved it as the wife is gluten-intolerant and hadn't had cake in years.



The last was for a friend's wee girl's 3rd birthday.  It was fun to make, but a bit pressured as my friend came round to watch me do it :-)



I'm gathering my strength for next week, when I will need to make two cakes for my daughter's 10th birthday.

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I love the paint cake! My son would like that batman cake for his birthday, it combines his favorite things.
This week I made a spice cake with carmalized apples and whiskey smbc. I wasn't planning on decoratingbut it needed something. So I pulledthis together real quick with leftover frozen fondant I had.

I made tHis cake for my cousin's bridal shower yesterday. I'm pretty happy with it since it's my first attempt at a ruffle cake.
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Oh my gosh I love everyone's cakes this week!


Ana! That Batman cake is EPIC!!! My boys went wild for it!


Boyka...I totally LOVE your cake. A great reminder that star piping can still be elegant!


Lizzie, my favorite is your splatter cake! SO fun!


Ruthie, your Turkey is cracking me up...makes me laugh every time I look at it! Wonderful!



How fun to come back in here this morning and see all of this great work! Have a great week everyone!



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Cat, the splatter cake was great fun!  It was a bit of a pain to put the fondant on (shop-bought and far too soft), but once it was on and set I just let loose with the royal icing.  It was really liberating to do - normally cake decorating is all about precision and delicacy, but for this cake it was all about freedom :-)  I did have to spend a while afterwards cleaning the floor and table, and chairs, and wall, and myself... :-D

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Wow, everyone did fantastic jobs on all the cakes I see here!!! I love them all!!!

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I made this cake for my husband's goddaughter. My husband always tries to outdo her last cake so this was a challenge. However, hE did attach all the sixlets himself which was a big help! She loved it so that's all that matters.
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This is my first post
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