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Desperate to find WHITE dairy whipped cream!!!!

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Hi dear cake lovers, this is my first time to post on this forum, I am Chinese, studying abroad in Australia and am obsessed with cake decorating.icon_biggrin.gif
I've done a lot of researches on non-dairy and dairy cream so I know exactly their differences, all the brands or types of white whipped cream like Bettercream or Pastry pride or Cool whip are non-dairy and harmful for health, whereas all the cream-color, yellowy ones are authentic dairy cream and taste better at the same time.

Anyway, my problem is that I just can't find a WHITE DAIRY one, I know it exists because in Japan they have it there! I also did researches on Japanese websites and found out that it's because their cows are eating things like beans and grains but not grass so that their milk is lack of beta carotene and thus the snowy white cream.

Since I just LOVE how the Japanese decorate their cake, it frustrates me so much that I have to use the yellowy cream, and it doesn't give me the feeling of pureness that I want on my cake:(

If anyone knows any western brands that have the white dairy cream please please inform me, I beg you:-(, also any suggestion to make the normal dairy cream white is appreciated as well! Otherwise I'm afraid I have to buy them from Japan... ;(
Oh and also welcome whoever wants to discuss about Japanese cakes and decorations:D happy to share my love towards them.

These are some of the most popular Japanese cake here, the strawberry shortcake:-)
Isn't it wonderful to get rid of artificial color and heavy icing, only use the simplest yet beautiful red and white combination of fruit and cream?icon_smile.gificon_smile.gificon_smile.gif

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The two factors that affect butterfat colour are the genetic character of the cow and, then, the method of feeding. 


As most Australia dairy herds are mostly Holstein Friesian, Jersey or Aussie Red, that are pasture-fed, you are out of luck - cream is cream-coloured ..

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All right... thank you anyway!

I won't give up to find a way to make those cakes:D

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Well it's an extremely long shot but you might ask at your local Japanese grocer if they know of anywhere that might stock it.
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hi, there, i think if you want to get the white icing on your cake , you can use royal icing (but it is very sweet ), and also Swiss butter cream .. there are many kinds of icing which you can use for cake decoration like Italian butter cream , swiss butter cream.... there the recipe ( it is good recipe)

Good luck

little chef

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