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Need a Recipe and Technique for Making Milk Chocolate Fondant

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I just bought a heap of Callebaut milk chocolate really cheap, only $34 for 10 LB at S&C. I have seen some of the most beautiful fondant icing cakes on this website but, not many made with chocolate. Does anybody know how to make fondant icing using milk chocolate so that I can create a flavorful chocolate iced cake that is also elegantly done?

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not really sure if this is what you ate looking for but here is a link
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Are you looking for a modeling chocolate recipe? Most of the chocolate fondant recipes I have seen use cocoa powder.

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Thanks for the link 80s. Maybe I can learn the recipe, then tweak it so I can drape it over a cake, like the regular white fondant.

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No, I'm looking for a recipe that will drape just like the white fondant.

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Modeling chocolate will you want white milk chocolate fondant? I'm a little confused on what you are asking
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Sorry for not  clarifying. I went crazy and bought about 80# of chocolate because it was cheap. $20-$34 for 10lb. Now I'm trying to use it in creative ways. Part of it will be used for dipping chocolates this christmas but, I want to use some to make chocolate fondant frosting so I can have attractive centerpiece dessert for both holidays. Modeling with it is a bonus because I would like to do some leaves and pine cones too! Not white chocolate fondant, i just want it to be as smooth, lovely and polished as the white fondant coatings. Can the modeled pieces be sprayed with color after they are finished?

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You can add about 6 oz of melted chocolate to your fondant if you make it from scratch....

I've added chocolate to marshmallow fondant before and it was pretty good. Gives it a nice brown color
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Morgan, is that unsweetened chocolate? Add 6oz to what amount of fondant? Will it taste chocolatey? Can i use marshmallow fondant for  candy centers?

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For a recipe with 15 oz of marshmallows I've done 6 oz of all chocolate and you just add powdered sugar until it comes to the right consistency.

it has somewhat of a chocolate taste...not too strong.

not sure about candy centers
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Thanks Morgan, would you post that recipe for me?

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Oh, and sorry, the S&C is Stover & Company. I was writing in a rush.

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Its called rhondas ultimate marshmallow fondant. My phone is not letting me link direct to it for some reason. On here if you do a search the recipe will come up icon_smile.gif
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Here is a basic one I found you might like. You can always tweak it too!


Chocolate Fondant recipe as follows:


12 oz Marou milk chocolate


1/2 c corn syrup


10 c confectioner's sugar


16 oz mini marshmallows


Brown icing color (can also use cocoa powder), optional


Flavoring of choice, optional


Using a double boiler, melt chocolate over med low heat until completely melted. Place marshmallows in a large microwavable bowl. Heat on high for 30 sec intervals until marshamallows are puffed and partially melted. (takes about 1-2 min) Sift 4 c confectioners sugar to mixing bowl with half of the marshamallows, the corn syrup, and flavoring. Mix until well combined. Add the remaining ingredients, sifting the sugar, and mix until a dough forms. Can add a tsp of glycerin if needed to help with color and consistancy. Once dough is desired texture, knead for 3-5 min and  store in air tight container.

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Thanks a lot Cak3, just copied the recipe. I'm going to use my Callebaut in place of the Marou but, my Callebaut suddenly seems so inadequate now, LOL!! I'd never heard of Marou milk chocolate before so, I googled it. Once my wallet has recuped, I'm going to try some.

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