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No problem :)
Lauren does not make the face mask, and I have to be honest, initially I was disappointed...I had seen her awesome helmets before, and I couldn't wait to learn how to construct a mask like hers.
By the end of the disk I was singin' a different tune though LOL!
She explains that if you really want to make your own, you can push the purchased mask into about 5lbs. of modeling chocolate (I would use fondant+tylose or gumpaste myself), to make a mold of it basically, then use the mold to hold your snakes together to form a mask. (She shows an example mold)
She also teaches you how to attach the purchased mask to the board, NOT to the cake...I found this very informative.
...and as someone who has made a helmet (the larger one I mentioned above), where the gumpaste mask broke...I can tell you, I would've given anything to have had a real one!
I remember scrambling to try to fix it, and finally having to give up, and even though it was only for my nephew, I was very upset.
I vowed to always have a spare made, but having a real one would've been better!
As far as the size...she states that it feeds about me it doesn't seem big enough, but I always feel that way when I watch a DVD or an on-line class...the portions must be tiny!
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Thanks again FlourPots! Man, I wish i had time to order the DVD, I'll give it a go without. I have messaged Lauren on FB to see if the DVD can be shipped overnight. We'll see.


Thanks again



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You're welcome...



I hope you can get it!

Either way...good luck with your upcoming helmet!

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It's on it's way!!! Overnight!!!!!! Yay!

Ok- question- I have 16 inch boards to go underneath but if I'm carving away from 12 inch rounds I'm thinking I might need an 18 inch board. I'm covering it in green like a football field and want enough of the field to show. What do you think?
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Alright!!!! So glad you could get it in time!!

I think you'll love it...

I have many DVD's, I've taken many Craftsy classes, I belong to Paul Bradford's on-line school, Pretty Witty's on-line school, learncakedecoratingonline(dot)com, mycakeschool...

I absolutely LOVE watching decorators make cakes...and I really adore every instructor, they do a great job, but of all of them, Lauren is hands-down the most natural on camera...the lady was born to teach and her skills are insane!

(Margie Carter from learncakedecorating... is also really wonderful)



Lauren uses an 18"'s actually 5 (18") round cakeboards glued together and wrapped in Wilton White Board Paper (which I had never heard of).

Her base is really thick, an inch or more.


She has room to spare on the sides of her completed helmet, but not much from front to back (because of the mask), so 16" is too small.


18" would show your field perfectly.

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Thank you do much!! Heading out tomorrow to get 12 inch pans (thought I had them) and 18 inch drums. I plan on gluing two half inch boards together or doing as the video and getting 5 boards and putting them together. I bought 7/8 inch Chicago Bears Ribbon to go around the board.

Thank you again for your help.

I'm just a hobby baker and doing the cake for 2 dear friends - I hope they like it!
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Anytime :)

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To get back to the OP's original question, I watched a video (done by Jessica Harris?) where she flips the cake upside down and works the fondant down into a nice clean edge. I've started doing this and it has made a huge difference on my fondant cakes. I still like to use a good amount of BC as well but I use this method when the cake is really chilled and it works great! Hopefully someone knows of the video that I'm talking about and can post a link!

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