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I will try very hard to change her mind,but its my grandson's wedding I cant say no. I had an interesting response to this dilemma- I was told to mae a sugar and water glaze and soak it,let it dry and sew or glue a wide satin ribbon to the back.
You can say no to the burlap without saying no to the whole cake. I question whether burlap is even food safe. In fact, I think I would just tell her it isn't and done with it! icon_wink.gif
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Ask her how she feels about eating copper sulfate, pesticides and 'bout some super yummy Flame Stop™ (pyrolytic formula)? Surfactants, water softeners and oxidants can really enhance the flavor too! Lol...these are some of the chemicals found in burlap. You can get 100% organic burlap but it is most likely produced in a factory in India so no telling what is REALLY on it.  Just say that you love her and want to please her but you can't risk making the guests sick (although most likely that won't happen)

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Yay! Congratulations!
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Way to go!



"The only thing better than a cake is two cakes"




"The only thing better than a cake is two cakes"

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So how did you convince her?

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I told her a lot of people on cake central did not think it was a good idea because of all the fibers being embedded in the icing. I also told her that we would have to announce to the guest to check their piece of cake well before they ate it due to the burlap. I then showed her on my dummy cake a very pretty satin ribbon that was the same color as the burlap with the lace on top,and she decided she liked that better. HALLELUIA!

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Yeah...I could not imagine announcing to my guests "Attention ladies and gentlemen, the bride and groom will now be cutting the cake. When you get your slice please be sure to check for fibers embedded in the icing." At the end of the reception she would have had almost a whole cake to take home or throw away.

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what color was the ribbon.. i have a customer who wants burlap on their cake also and i really want to stray away from it.. maybe if i give her an alternate she'll say no too! 

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what if i used fondant.. do you think the fondant would still have the fibers from it also??

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It's just gross, period. Fondant or not.
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i found a faux burlap ribbon on etsy, that i want to try out. ill purchase a ribbon like you did too.. just in case.. lol.. back up.. so happy to have read this before the date of the wedding.. 

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The ribbon is about 2 inches wide,light brown satin. Tell her how much the burlap shreds,with danger of embedding in icing.

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