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Dowels or lollipop sticks

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I'm new at this and would appreciate any help or advice.  I have a tiered cake that was just ordered, 14, 10, 6 and this is my first!  The cake is a white cake, just wondering if anyone has tried using the thick white lollipop sticks instead of wooden dowels for seems like this would have a better appearance but didn't know if this was a viable solution.

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I'm sure you could use lollipop sticks, but my concern would be them getting wet & flimsy inside the cake.
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I would stick to the dowels. I agree with IAmPamCakes, th possibility of them getting flimsy inside the cake would make me nervous.
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Oh heavens no, don't use lollipop sticks! Haven't you ever had one in your mouth after the sucker is gone? It starts to disintegrate and get slimy. That sounds like a bad idea.

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I'd suggest you go all out on a secure method for your very first big cake, such as SPS. Look for Leahs posts on the subject. Alternatively you can use dowels, and many of us, including me, use boba tea straws (google it). But I would recommend exploring those alternatives after you see how well you handle this first big cake.

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I use straws too.. I just use regular ones though, not the Tea straws. I've never had a problem

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Thanks so much everyone, I really appreciate your expert guidance and suggestions.  This is such a great site!!

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NO lollipop sticks!  They're coiled PAPER and degrade quickly in moisture.  A wider support always trumps a skinny stick.


I use bubble tea straws--now readily available at Bed, Bath, & Beyond in my area-- and find them to be easy to cut, extremely sturdy, and cheap.

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