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A few questions...

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I am making this cake for a wedding tomorrow

My first question is, what would you use to attach the strips of fondant? At the local cake decorating store the owner told me she would stack the layers of each tier then cover each tier with white chocolate, then cover the chocolate with a thin coat of butter cream and add the strips. So I have both tiers covered in chocolate and I am wondering of I need to coat the tiers in buttercream (the cake is filled with a vanilla cream so it doesn't really need the buttercream for flavor) or if I should just attach them to the chocolate that is already on the tiers with something like tylose glue or karo syrup. Would that even work? What should I do?

Then my next question is if you think I will have a problem with the white triangle prices being too heavy, if so what should I do about that?

Thanks in advance for any advice! icon_smile.gif
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If this was my order, I would prep the tiers as normal, ice, cover with thin layer if fondant, and attach everything with a bit of water. I keep a water pen handy for that. Really, a little bit of water is all you need, just enough to be tacky and stick.

Now, what is this chocolate that you speak of? Ganache?
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