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Glittered Sugar Cookies

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Can someone please help me with how to make glittered sugar cookies. I have tried reg. sugar and Wilton's glitter dust with some not so good results.  Is there a produce I can use to make the cookies I am working on look sparkly?

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Welcome vercity....

Are you wanting  to make the actual cooked cookie to sparkle - or whatever medium you are decorating them with.


IF it is the actual cooked cookie - then maybe i can help.

I very lightly brushed the edges of my cookies with sugar glue - then rolled the edges in edible gold glittler... as seen un the above link... not the sharpest or clearest shots sorry - but the pics will give you a general idea...


Sugar glue recipe

1/4 cup water

1/4 cup sugar

Bring to the boil qnd allow to light;y boil for 2 minutes.

Pour into sterilized jar and keep in fridge for up to three weeks.



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Your advice is very much so appreciated and I will keep it in mind for another time and another fun project. However, I am making star cookies and will be flooding them with royal icing.  The finished result I would like to achieve would be have the star cookies sparkle.

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Oh thats ok veracity...

Have you thought of using the edible glitter dust rnge....

This is a brand we can get in Australia - not sure where in the world you are...but perhpas Google can help. i

 of course they do have other colours


All the best with your search



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I will try that next. Thank you! :)

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Have you tried using colored sparkling sugar? I get mine at a baking supply shop but some of the decorator sugars at Michael's/Hobby Lobby are really sparkly/iridescent. Sometimes I use the sanding sugar and sometimes the sugar crystals, depending on what color I need/can find. I sell little cutout cookies covered in sugar and everyone always asks for the "sparkly cookies." Recently I got some Wilton silver glitter to use on cupcakes and I did not find it very sparkly at all. I'd rather use the sparkly sugar!

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I will try this. Thank you so much for your help. :)

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I use disco dust when I want my cookies and cupcakes to sparke. I've used it on icing alone as well as in conjunction with sanding sugar and they always have a nice sparke. I prefer the rainbow disco dust for a generic sparkle.
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Disco dust is finely ground plastic, did you know that?
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I made some really sparkly glitter by just adding color to pasterized egg white.  I used about 1/4 c.egg whites and just a couple drops of gel color and spread it out on a glass 9x13 pan and let it dry throughly(over night at least)and then scraped it off with a metal spatula.  I don't know if you could sprinkle it on while the RI is wet without having it melt into the icing. 

live to ride
live to ride
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Have you tried Wilton edible glitter? I've never tried it but I have seen it in the store.

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I order all mine from this site,

It's actually edible, not just non-toxic like disco dust.

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Is disco dust and edible glitter the same?i just want to be sure that everything I use is safe. I don't care too much if I kill some of my relatives but not my friends

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fearless--edible glitter is made from gum arabic and is edible--it is flakey and light and key here is that it dissolves in water


disco dust is different from edible glitter-- it is not made from gum arabic --it's a micro particle of some kind--and does not dissolve in water and is not edible in the sense of being digestible--it is a hot topic item in the cake world--some peeps think it's ok to use and some do not think it's ok--they certainly make and sell a ton of if it


i myself do not use it on edibles fwiw


(hey--everytime i spell check my computer freezes so pls excuse typos thanks)

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if you had your own tv show what would be your favorite commercial/sponsor

i think i'd like ghirardelli and hershey for starters...


if you had your own tv show what would be your favorite commercial/sponsor

i think i'd like ghirardelli and hershey for starters...

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Thank you for all of the info. :)

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