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Can I stick a cake covered with fondant in the fridge?

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I made a cake, covered with marshmallow fondant, can I put it in the fridge over night? Or will it get ruined? Because I read some stuff on the internet and I stumbled across some info that the fondant will get ruined because the marshmallows will take some of the water from the fridge or sth... So what do you think?
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I have put a cake in the fridge with fondant on before and it was not good when it came out, it went all soft and sticky, some of this settled down when out of the fridge for a while but would not recommend it.



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I use a lot of perishable frostings and fillings, so mine are always in the fridge, I've never had a problem.

I very rarely use MMF though, but I did just do one yesterday, and it was in the fridge all night and half the day, it came out without any problems.

Where I live we have high levels of humidity, but a cool climate, both of those affect what happens to refrigerated fondant.

If I am worried, I use the box method, (simply placing the cake in a cardboard box while it is in the fridge and bringing it back to room temp in said box, the cardboard helps absorb the moisture).

My suggestion, try it. You will hear so many mixed results and opinions, that you really need to test it out for yourself, and see if it works for you.

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Ok, thanks I guess I'll try icon_wink.gif But if not the fridge, than where could I keep it over the night?
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I refrigerate my cakes covered in marshmallow fondant all the time and have never had an issue.

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I place all my cakes in the refrigerator with no problem.  (Except in the summer when the humidity is HIGH. Then the cakes tend to sweat and need time to dry before they can be touched.  Air conditioning helps a great deal.)

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lapazlady - quick follow up question: when the humidity is high (my current environment) then you do not refrigerate your fondant covered cake at all?  You just use a/c to keep it dry and cool?  Or are you saying you use a/c when you take the cake outta the frig to help the sweating dry?

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I turn the A/C on in a small room, cool it off and then put the cake in the cooled room for several hours (3-4).  This helps the cake get closer to regular room temperature.  The A/C is gradually reduced, that is I raise the temperature, and bring the room closer to outside air temps.  This helps a great deal.  I finish the cake off in the cooler environment and deliver it when it is at normal room temperature.  I've played with this technique a lot trying to get the best results with the least amount of electricity use.  You have to see what works best in your local.  

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