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This may be dumb...but...

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I have a question.... Ive looked through 17 pages of "dowel rods" threads and my question is still not answered... So please bear with me ladies...

1- I'm stacking a 4 tier cake (10' 8' 6' 4 (mickey ears) and i have the wilton plastic dowel rods. Now they are "opened " in the center and as I'm making my "practice cake" I had no idea as to what to do next... do i take the cake out of the center of the dowel? do i wash the dowel after taking it out of the cake after being marked or does it matter?

2) I am stacking the cake at the location (its an hr drive), do i still need to dowel the center of the entire cake? or should that be skipped since the cake will be at the location?

thank you ladies in advance!!
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From what I've seen just push the wilton dowels in and leave as is. You might make a mess taking it out and putting them back in.

As far as the dowel is concerned I would put it in just to be on the safe side.
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1.  Taking the cake out of the center isn't necessary.  In fact, it probably makes it more stable.  I usually don't do that with my cakes, although I will admit it is a good way to sample the center of your cakes!

I also didn't wash my dowels...I didn't see a reason to.  But if you are worried about the mark from marking the length, just score them with your knife instead of using a pencil or marker or whatever you were using.


2.  No center dowel would be necessary.


Good luck!

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thanks for the reply cookie!!!!



as far as the dowel taking it out- I guess i mean once i take the dowel out to cut it after i've marked it. would I wash it since its already out of leave the cake thats inside it there? or just push it out?

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Ps. I don't use wilton dowels. I use "Boba straws" . On average they come 50 in a pack for $4. They are straws used in bubble tea. Really wide and sturdy perfect dowels.

Plus one edge is pointed almost like a spear so when you do measure and cut it's easier to handle w less mess.

They can be purchased on Amazon or in any Asian product store.

Just thought about it...measure w the wilton and snip. Leave about a 1/4 inch space between where you cut the dowel to the top of the cake. So that the dowel is a tad beneath the top of each cake top.
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Ok, no I've never seen people take it completely out just to the point of measure, snip and stick bk in.
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Ok cool thanks!


btw the Boba straws, are they long enough?


The wilton plastic dowels are about 12 in long, are they about the same length?

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The boba straws come in diff sizes I think the ones I purchased were 8 or 9 in. I will take a pic and upload.if you need longer stick w wilton. I don't know that the boba straws come in that size.
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Put one dowel in, mark the length, pull it out, lay it beside the others and mark them all and cut so they are all the same length.  No need to wash the one you used to mark the length since it will just be going right back in.  You only need the long center dowel if you are traveling with the tiers stacked.

post #10 of 17 I use one of these. $4 at Joann's, in the sewing department. It's called a hem ruler/sewing ruler.

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Ok thank you cookie! i'm on amazon right now looking for them :)


Dennette- Thank you, thats what i thought...I just want to make extra sure and be on the safe side with this...

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AZ- wow i'm not good with tools at all lol...But i think my fiancee has this downstairs. Thank you for the info! these wilton plastic rods are a little tough to cut...the serrated knife, i feel like i'm not cutting them right..

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Thank you COButterfly! Ha! i thought about eating the cake too, not just throw it out in the trash...I dont like wasting cake!!! icon_wink.gif

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thanks cookie!
I saw that Krazy Kool Cakes uses them too! & they follow all Edna de lacruz' recipes so they're alright in my book! lol
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