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Paul Bradford classes?

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I was wondering if anyone has taken Paul Bradford's Sugar Craft online classes? I would love to know your thoughts are before I take the plunge and buy a yearly membership. Was it easy to understand? Was communication with the instructor easy? Were the supplies easy to find for each course?


I won't add the web address as the administrators will more than likely delete this thread. I am in no way advertising this site, I am merely curious if anyone has taken his online classes and what their thoughts are. 

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I received a free 1 month membership and I loved his videos. They are very well done and easy to follow. You could always try a one month membership, see if you like it before committing to the year.

Live well, love long, play hard and laugh... well, long and hard.
Live well, love long, play hard and laugh... well, long and hard.
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Thanks! I saw his site and was hoping they give like a free 60 sec clip of what to expect but they don't. I just received an email and I'm really interested...

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If you subscribe(register) without paying anything there are free tutorials.


He also has stuff on youtube. I've just watched his beginners airbrush video and learnt quite a lot (not least that he spent a fortune on his airbrush LOL)


He is in Scotland in the UK so I think most stuff will be easy to find in the US.


Have a look before you buy a years suscription.Try before you buy.

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Thank you! I didn't know he had YouTube videos. Ill definitely check them out! Thank you!

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I registered to his site and watched some of the free tutorials. I really liked his ganache helped a lot when I did my first ganache cake ;)

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Thank you! I saw his you tube videos and it seems easy to follow so I bought a year subscription.
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How have you been finding the videos?  I am thinking of getting a subscription.

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I actually like them. He takes you step by step through each stage. There are a lot of classes and there's always new ones added each week. I tried the one month free offer and made my decision after. Check out the YouTube videos because the classes are just like that. Just with the subscription you get everything. 

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This is a great site and it's only $9.99 a month. They have tutorials from Verusca Walker, Handi Mulyana, Jessica Piedmont, and a few others. They also have a free class. You get recipes, a forum (like this), templates and step by step booklets for each project-very cool. They have more advanced tutorials also, Handi demonstrates how to make a plain cake that looks like its flying, stuff like that. I am in no way affiliated with them I just really enjoy the classes!

I liked the Paul Bradford site too, I was able to watch a couple free videos. I didn't like the membership setup though (with the different levels) I suppose it makes sence I just didn't like that. Also I didn't know how much it would cost in US dollars.
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ADVERTISING IS NOT ALLOWED ON CAKE CENTRAL FORUMS. There are 2 people on this thread that joined just to drive traffic to Pretty whatever cakes. They have been banned and I ask if anyone comes across similar postings to flag them so I can deal with them. It's unethical and shady.

It is OK to discuss the contents of a class and Cake Central appreciates the OP in this thread being mindful of the rules. Thank you.!
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I have subscribed to his classes online and love them. Have made a dinosaur cake, boobs (don't ask lol) and a two tier box explosion cake. I find them very clear and easy to understand and well worth the money. I pay £10 a month which is about $15.
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Although I have a membership, I am a little torn on whether I would renew.  There are a few tutorials I have taken advantage because I find many of the tutorials I use (and I stress - I use) I have accessed here on CC as well as many of the techniques I have incorporated into my cakes.  I don't know if you have the option of asking questions, but like I said, I haven't accessed it for a while.  I suppose it depends on what you're looking to learn.  Just my opinion :)

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