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Dipping chocolate

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Hi Everybody, I hope there is someone out there who can answer this for me.  I have a recipe that is my hubby's favorite cookie, well he calls them cookies, they are really more of a candy.  Chocolate covered peanut butter balls.  His sister in law gave me the recipe but don't know where it originated.  I've played with this recipe to make it diabetic friendly and got it working so well that some members of his family have told me that mine are better than the original.  Don't know how there are only a couple of ingredients, Anyway, back to my question.  The recipe call for a chunk of paraffin to be melted in he chocolate for dipping.  I think the purpose of this is to make the chocolate thinner so it flows better and give it  little more shine and it also makes it a little harder, it doesn't melt in your hand as easily.  Not sure I'm actually guessing at the purpose. 


So here's my question, has anybody ever used this in chocolate and does anyone know what I can use as a substitute.  I tried using butter but the end result was too soft.  icon_rolleyes.gif

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I have a similar recipe and I have always used butter instead of wax... I get a smooth and shiny chocolate covering.

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