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Please oh please help!!

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I have found this on Ron Ben-Israel's page and I'm making my mom a birthday cake this weekend I want to make a "R" instead of the "S" similar to how this is. Any ideas on how??
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Very Pretty!  The good news is that an R will be more stable than an S.  You could make it from gumpaste lying down with a long skewer all the way into the backbone of the R and a small skewer into the toe (both sticking out of the base for insertion into the cake).  Make sure that the 2 skewers are parallel to each other or it can split your letter when you try to put them into the cake.  You would make the gumpaste flowers separately and then attach them to the letter.  You could make them on wires before making the letter and then insert the wires while the R is still soft or just adhere them with royal or chocolate.

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Thank you! I thought this cake was just beautiful and since I have found Ron Ben-Israel, I'm in love!! He is brilliant!!
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Also, what kind of flowers do you think those are and how do you make vines like that?
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Those are sweetpeas and the vines are part of the basic plant.  Look up in Alan Dunn books.

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Holy Good God, that's the prettiest dang thing I've seen in awhile!

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Lovely cake. An 'R' will be easier to make and support than that 'S'. Sweet peas are quite a simple flowet to make.

Good luck and let us know how you get on!
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He is helpful . Call him or send him an email.
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This is so elegant.  I  am heading to his web site to check out more.

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This was my version of it and it was so pretty and tasted wonderful!!
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I love the cake you made!!! You did a fantastic job!!! /Mary

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Thanks!! Also, thank you again. You're an angel! They are already a good bit better. icon_smile.gif
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I too love Ron Ben Israel. I watch Sweet Genius when it comes on TV.  I did not know he had an internet page. I am going to see what he has. Glad you are feeling better!!

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I guess modeling chocolate would be better!
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