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Massa Ticino Tropic

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Anyone out there using this?

I'm fed up with Satin Ice and Duff, and Fondx, Fondarrific, Pettinice et al are not available here. Doing research and cost comparisons, the price difference (with shipping) of me buying comparable quantities of MTT wasn't much different from the other brands. So I figured...why not try "the best"?

Any thoughts, tips, suggestions?

Satin Ice I find too dry and elephant-skin prone, and the Duff is a. NOT white by any stretch of the imaginiation; and b. wayyyyyyy too soft. I am hoping for a beautiful wedding white for a perfect finish for an upcoming wedding cake.

Thanks in advance!
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Yep, it's the finest fondant in the world, as far I'm concerned. If I have my way, I won't ever make another batch of mine again, and only use this.
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MTT is extremely expensive. Does anyone know the best place to buy it. My supplier gets $99 for 15.5 pounds
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$6.60 a pound is very very expensive? Because that's a cost I easily pass on to my customers, and even if I didn't bake professionally, if I tasted Satin Ice then tasted Carma's. I'd buy Carma's without hesitation.

It's the ONLY fondant I use! Superior in every way: taste, workability and quality.
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LOL Jamie - did you ever find a supplier?
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