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Hi, Newby here!!!  What is "foam core"?????/

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I've been cutting foam core circles for years too. Sometimes it a gall darned obnoxious pain in the arse, but they make me feel secure. 

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I use Tuff Boards.
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Tell me you have smooth sides tuffboards....all I've ever seen are scallop edged, and if you know of smooth sided, I'm switching!

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AZCouture...I just would like to mention, the other day I needed a smaller size foam core circle...and I only had an eight in., since I did not wanted to cut myself making what I had smaller, I used a very fine cheese grater all around the edge! Now you have to do this in your patio or outside because it is a little messy but it gives you a very rounded edge.


Hope this helps someone!icon_smile.gif



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So you used a cheese grater on a tuffboard? Or you grated down an 8" foam board? That's interesting either way. I googled again, and only see scalloped tuff boards. :(

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My vote is with foam core boards.  You can cut them yourself and they hold a ton - no need to cover with anything.

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I generally use SPS.  If I use a foam core board, I cover it with freezer paper or Press n Seal, don't want the styrofoam in contact with food.

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That's pretty gross that people use foam core without Press n Seal or some other food-safe covering on it.


Would you serve your children dinner on a posterboard you bought at the corner drugstore?  Methinks not.  

~ Sherri
~ Sherri
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AIZCouture... I grated down a 8" round foam core that I had. But I think if I had to cut the round myself from a "board"  I would now finish it with the cheese grater!




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I purchased a drywall circle cutter the other day after reading a thread here that it's good for cutting foam core board. Haven't tried it yet, hope it works cos cutting foam core boards with an x-acto knife is getting old fast.

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I use the flat orange exacto knife. I forget what it's called. But it's sturdier for me.
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I use tufboards too, and you can just cut the scalloped egdes off with a pair of scissors if they bother you. I just did that on a board for a wedding cake. No worry about them bending or being greaseproof, but they were having supply problems for a while. They seem to have caught up now.

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When I made my first tiered cake I used thicker cardboard rounds. The tiers were quite heavy so the cardboard supported each layer when they were moved around and didn't buckle, they were silver on top and white on the bottom. I don't remember the thickness of the cardboard.

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So I found Hobby Lobby is carrying 'plastic cake boards' these days. They look like the wilton cardboard ones but all out of plastic. Much sturdier and washable and not that much more expensive then the cardboard ones.

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