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We did a venue open house a couple of weeks ago. We were promised 200 brides and barely got 50. We lost a lot of product and did not even get a booking from it. We will not be doing a bridal show again..we are too busy from all the referrals we receive..and that is free
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I just read through this whole thread and I am scared! I was a homebaker for two years and opened up my shop this past June. We are well known for our celebration cakes but have yet to really touch on the wedding market in our are. I saw an advertisement for an expo coming up and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get our name out there. The show is next week. We shelled out $1200 for just the booth alone, never mind my new dummies, cost for samples, and blocking off the weekend from other orders.
After reading all of this, I am so afraid I may have wasted capital. If anyone has any advice on how I could break even or make it as much of a success as I can, it would be very appreciated!
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Nothing that hasn't probably been posted on this thread! Good luck!
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Originally Posted by FromScratchSF

Nothing that hasn't probably been posted on this thread! Good luck!

Thank you!!! I should've returned to Cake Central long before I decided to put money into that. However, I have to make the best of it. So hopefully I will have some good news to report next week.
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I'm fairly new on the biz end of caking. While I'm doing OK, I really want to expand my biz. Wedding is my next step, I just don't have that much experience with them yet. I had two brides cancel their booked weddings (one because the groom went prison so I'm sure it was a blessing in disguise) and the other decided to elope because they can't afford a wedding. Oh well....moving on.

Anyway...I thought about doing the little local city sponsored show but didn't. Turns out no cake vendor showed up. So I thought about another larger one. I knew only one one "finger dessert" vendor would be there. I went to the show to check it out and thought maybe I'd missed an opportunity. The show promoter was going to give me a pretty good discount because he had no cake vendor and it was less than one weeks' notice. This particular promoter gives a discount to cake vendors (about $200) since we have the extra expense of the cake samples.

I've been thinking of two upcoming shows (one in Nov and the other in Jan) but I'm scared to death....especially now after seeing this thread. I need to get my name out there and start building the business. I know eventually referrals will come but until then, I need to get in front of more brides. These two upcoming shows though have very experienced cake vendors already lined up. I'm just bummed I didn't take advantage of the other two shows where NOT ONE cake was on display.

I'm curious to see how Kami Cakes does. You'll have to let us know.
Some things in life just require cake.
Some things in life just require cake.
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Hi all!

I just wanted to update you guys on how our bridal show went. A little over 400 brides were in attendance and about 2000 in total including friends and family. Going into the show, I was so nervous specially after reading this whole thread. But I enjoyed it! Yes it was a lot of work but what made it feasible for me is that I had help.

Recap of the show:


We had a total of 7 display cakes + display cupcakes & french macarons for all those interested in dessert tables. As far as samples, I baked 3 really thin layers of sheet cake (three different flavors: Red Velvet w/ Cream Cheese, Vanilla w/ Oreo SMBC, and Chocolate Fudge with Choco PB Ganache), iced them with a thin layer of frosting, cut them up in 1x1 pieces, and boxed them in 1.5 oz souffle cups w/ lids. My parents and brother helped me do this 2 hrs prior to the show so everything was really fresh. In the meantime, my husband was loading up the vehicles. 


At the show, I had a friend of mine who has a background in sales help me speak with brides. She was also responsible for taking down people's info. My mom passed out the samples which were all gone half way through the show. So many people kept coming back telling us they were told we were the ones to check out. Brides were lining up to speak with me. Being new in the business and all and this being my first show, I was completely overwhelmed by people's responses to my samples and cakes. I always find that I am my worst critic. I always second guess myself whether or not things taste and look good. It was very gratifying and humbling to get those responses from that many people. 


Anyway, I ended up scheduling 5 consultations that day which seem to be pretty solid. We didn't raffle off anything or do any other giveaways. So from my experience, the money and time was worth the exposure. :)





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I dont think I uploaded the photo right.


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KAMI_cakes, thanks for posting your positive experience. I recently signed on to do a show in April. I've weighed the pros and cons and have decided to do it. Like you, I'll have plenty of help and I've allowed myself plenty of time to get ready. I went and scoped out a recent show (by the same planners) and a very successful and well-known local cake decorator was there; I figure if she is doing a show, it can't be all bad. I really want to focus on wedding cakes and feel like doing a show will get the "word-of-mouth" ball rolling.


Your booth looks great and your display cakes are beautiful! I like your idea of adding some desserts. Maybe I'll do a dessert table, too.


Thanks again for posting!

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I think everyone should do it at least once. You can say you did it. In some markets. it's just not necessary, and others I don't think you can afford *not* to be at them. They did away with the only worthwhile one held here, (that I loved going to) because the city decided they needed to jump into the events business, and it was too close in dates. What a cheesy show it is. I won't go. It's loud, and geared mostly towards Quince's which mean one thing. Big cakes wanted for cheap and either zebra printed or washed in Pepto Bismol pink. Blargh.

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