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Thanks Bobwonderbuns, So would I be all right with just ordering the icing mix and a mat? I'm a little confused by their site bc I see so many things and I'm not sure what they are for. Icing dispenser? If I want to start of slowly yet still be able to make something pretty what is a must?
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You can use piping bags and cake tips if you don't want to purchase the powered icing machine. I plan on ordering these bottles I found. They are inexpensive and use cake tips. If you want to make lace then you would need the silicone molds. I don't really like the patterns they have so I plan on trying to make my own with amazing mold putty. I have used it successfully in the past so I figured I would give it a try. You can do a search for the bottles if you are interested. I can't post the actual cake site because CC will block it. 2 oz Squeezit Mold Painter Bottles Pk/2 two bottle cost 3.79.
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Thanks for your help, this is definitely going to be my next big buy.
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Hello all!
I have a question. I made some cutouts with sugarveil and had some scraps left over... I was wondering if I could do anything to the scraps to make them back to a liquidy consistency. Also, I do not yet have a silicone mold and would be willing to purchase it from someone who might not need their particular mold any more.
Thanks in advance!
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I'm Dying to try Sugarveil and I'm struggling to get hold of it in South Africa, If anyone is wanting to sell their mat, please let me know!!!!

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Don't give up on sugarveil.  I don't think there is such a big learning curve and I'm fairly new to decorating  With my first batch I did not wait long enough for the sugarveil to dry after spreading it on the mat (a very sticky mess).  One batch makes up multiple sheets so I cleaned up my first mess and tried it again.  No problem thereafter. Once you get the right consistency then it's pretty straight forward.  Here is a picture of my second try...I really love this although this would not be a design I would use too often, waiting to get another mat.  Try again, you will get it!



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I finally bought the sugar veil mat with spatula and mix and I love it albeit I've only used it once and it worked a charm - I was seriously worried bc I did not realize I needed to prepare it ahead of time (another post asking for help on friday), anyway, it peeled away from the mat beautifully. I used it on an engagement cake with just the couple's name on top (the sugar veil was around the sides of the cake) and it needed no further decoration. It speaks for itself. So, so happy with it and will definitely buy another mat.

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I have used Sugarveil on several occasions and absolutely love it! I am amazed at its possibilities and capabilities. I have printed off patterns of various designs from the Internet and just placed a piece of parchment paper over it and used the Sugarveil in a decorator bag and a piping tip to trace the design. I have bought serveral of the mats but usually end up wanting and needing something more design specific so I resort to google and trace!
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Tried so many times and gave up, bought a beautiful mat and sugarveil icing, spreads nicely looks beautiful in the mat, tried everything to get it off, air, overnight, oven lamp, it is dry and not sticky but sticks to the mat, tried buddy's idea, nothing, tried cornstarch once, shortening on the mat once , nothing.


wasted a lot of my time

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This may be a bit off topic, and I apologize if I am out of turn, but I have a BIG problem. I am helping a friend out by doing a cake for her while she is out of town. It involves using sugarveil. I think it is amazing btw. Well, I was told after taking the icing out of the mold, to put it on wax paper. Everything was going fine...until I went to peel it off the wax paper, and it is sticking like mad. I have 8 of the 16 pieces under a fan and two more in an oven with the light on, hoping to dry it out and be able to use it. I am out of the sugarveil, and there is no possibility to get more locally before I need to have the cake finished. Does anyone know if it is possible to use it like this, or am I going to have to hand-pipe the entire design instead? Thank you, and again I apologize for thread-jacking, but I am beyond sinking at this point. Thank you! 

I'm not a control freak...I just have excellent quality control skills

"I went to the store to buy a candle holder, they were I bought a cake!" Mitch Hedberg
I'm not a control freak...I just have excellent quality control skills

"I went to the store to buy a candle holder, they were I bought a cake!" Mitch Hedberg
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If that doesn't work then try royal icing.
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