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Where do I look at my saved pictures?!?!
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Originally Posted by shanter

I miss having all of my stuff (my forum posts, my favorite photos, my messages, etc.) all in one menu. They seem hard to find quickly now.

They've just been moved to a new location: your avatar photo.

Click on that and they all appear:
my profile
edit profile
favorite recipes
my photos
favorite photos

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I can't find my favorite recipes, nor is there a way to save favorites. This might pose a problem for me, as I have to make some chocolate frosting,and I had it saved, but I'm not sure what the recipe is called.

But I like the concept,and how it looks. It's slick. icon_surprised.gif
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This is my first time to post so I hope this comes out right. I made a comment on one of my cakes but then could not correct or edit a mistake I made in the comment. When I made another comment to correct the error the two comments did not appear together so I don't know if people will see the correction. I hope you can make a way for me to edit my own comments.

Also I really miss seeing the number of people who view my cakes and how many made comments or saved it as a favorite.
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Where can I find my saved photos that I saved to my favorites. Help
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So, I've been in and out throughout the evening and tried to remain objective. The overall look of the site and the pages, including the home page, in addition to having to hunt things down. The look of the prior web page was very impressive and inviting. When I was first referred to Cake Central, I was wowed. The home page reflected the diversity of the content and experience of it's members.

The new look is sterile, not inviting at all. If my first visit was today, I would not even give it a second look. The large advertisements add to the turn off. Too much emphasis on sponsorship and, well, not much else. I liked pulling up the site and seeing the name and wedge of cake. It was a nice touch.

In addition to the bugs with drop down menus and missing pics (I was sure I had r 4 pgs in my gallery) I hope the fine tuning that is done includes bringing back some of the class, style, and pizazz this site had that made people want to be a member here rather than other sites. Luv YA!!
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I've noticed that alternate views of cakes are no longer showing. It allows me to upload alternate pics but does not display them - Is there a link I'm not seeing?
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My avatar is missing,and the favorited recipes aren't there, but I did find the recipe, by googling it. My cake pictures are present. Where did you say the favorite recipes are listed? This is the error message I received when selecting "favorite recipes" where my missing avatar was:

Warning: array_unique() expects parameter 1 to be array, string given in /mnt/cake/public_html/wp-content/plugins/wp-favorite-posts/wp-favorite-posts.php on line 120
Favorite list is empty.
Clear favorites
Your favorite posts saved to your browsers cookies. If you clear cookies also favorite posts will be deleted.
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I like the new look but all of my favorite recipes are gone!!!! This is a huge problem for me and I am very disappointed! I know the title that I am looking for but the search doesn't seem to be working. Only a handful of recipes are showing up.
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Just to hit on a few things:

1. We are actively working on fixing the access to saved favorites and fixing the drop downs from the navigation. Many of the things people are having trouble finding are quickly accessed from those drop downs.

2. We are fixing the problem of the right column overlapping the forums, this issue is restricted to certain browser versions.

3. Photo stats will be restored

4. This is not about making more money, there are actually less ad units on the page now than in the old version. The right column will have content as well, so it won't just be a wall of ads on the right. There are several new features that we are going to be rolling out and they would not work under the old layout, this is the reason a complete change was necessary.

5. We completely understand your frustration, there should not have been so many bugs when the change rolled over, unfortunately, because of some issues related to the very old code base of the website, we were forced to go live prior to completion because some things could only be tested on the live site. This is a far from ideal situation and one we did not realize was going to happen until late into the process.

6. many of the issues will be resolved tonight, the rest of it should be resolved by the end of the weekend. Then we will reopen this thread to see what issues people are still experiencing.
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Saved Recipes page is fixed, now working on issues with the navigation bar to make sure it is easy to get to.
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we have updated the navigation links. The drop downs should be working in most browsers and you will find links to your saved favorites.

You should find if you explore the new navigation that most everything you want to get to is one or two clicks away.

That is all the updates for tonight, we will update further over the weekend as we address additional issues.
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Originally Posted by Rhonlynn

I can't find my favorite recipes, nor is there a way to save favorites. This might pose a problem for me, as I have to make some chocolate frosting,and I had it saved, but I'm not sure what the recipe is called.

But I like the concept,and how it looks. It's slick. icon_surprised.gif

favorite button added to recipes at the top
(can only be seen if logged in)

birthday.gif Jackie

birthday.gif Jackie

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Updates Rolled Out Today:

Additional Photos now showing below main photo: for example:

Added "Reply to Post" buttons at the bottom of post page
Made "Quick Reply" Post area larger
"Back to Top" link at the bottom of pages

birthday.gif Jackie

birthday.gif Jackie

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