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I sure hope it's edible...I ate a gem I made last weekend o_0 LOL, I believe it's just a different formulation of sugar for the most part.
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I believe it is not to be used as a sugar substitute like say splenda because it can irritate the stomach if you eat more than a couple of ounces but for sugar jewels that shouldn't be an issue I'd think you'd break your teeth before you reached that limit.

Yours aye
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I just finished watching that episode and was puzzled when he said that. I think he said, "it von't make you sick but, it is noit meant to be eaten" LOL
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It's hard to tell with his accent but I think he said it's inedible but it CAN'T make you sick. Either way, he's wrong. This is the man who thinks a red velvet cake is nothing more than chocolate cake colored red. But he has a different POV, I guess.
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Isomalt is edible, but should be eaten in small quantities, because as been stated on here, it can upset your stomach, give you gas and possibly give you diarrhea.

It's the same thing used in sugar free candies and if you read the packaging on those candies they will tell you not to eat a bunch of them at once.

In small doses you are fine and even some people probably wouldn't have issues. But it could be a issue for some.
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
My Weight Loss Support Group is The Chunky Monkeys!
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