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UK Equivalent of light corn syrup

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I'm sure this has been asked before but I can't seem to find it... I want to try a recipe from here that calls for light corn syrup but I'm not sure what the UK equivalent is? I assume it's not glucose syrup?

I can go to the US store that's near here if I have to but that's a really expensive way of doing it and I'm sure it's just called something else over here...?
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well glucose is about twice as thick as corn syrup. And you do have a golden syrup that is the same consistency as corn syrup but tastes different.

I would almost say that if you can water down the glucose it would be the closest in taste and color. But i really don't know much about glucose as when i come to a recipe with that i usually just use corn syrup, and decrease some of the water in the recipe if needed.
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Hi there -

I am an expat American living in Ireland. So I know the taste and texture of corn syrup and golden syrup...

I use golden syrup all the time in place of light corn syrup. In addition, my hero Rose Levy Berenbaum says that golden syrup is a better replacement for corn syrup!

Hth - and good luck!
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Thanks for the replies icon_smile.gif

Wow I thought that golden syrup would have too much of a flavour but that's much easier to get hold of, great!
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Golden syrup for light corn syrup and treacle for dark corn syrup. You can buy corn syrup from some foregn food retailers and on line at
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That is the store near me, so was my backup plan - but it's £3.99 whereas if golden syrup is the same and it's about 85p!

I'm going with golden syrup, but I am confused as it does have a flavour, whereas I thought the point of corn syrup was flavourless!?
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What flavour are you concerned about? I use the golden syrup in MFF and I have the entire room gagging for cake! Don't confuse pure golden syrup with the maple flavoured one - bottles look VERY similar. But I have used it in EVERY recipe from icing to fondant to sweets all with great success!

I agree with scrummymummy; treacle is a great match for dark corn syrup... but treacle will be stronger - I use it instead of Molasses in recipes but found it to be a bit too strong for my pecan pie...

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golden syrup is a slightly flavoured and coloured but I use it with great success and if no one is aware it should taste any different who is to know but you icon_biggrin.gif
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