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How to stack cake dummies?

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I have only ever made a real 12" cake bottom and placed an 8" cake dummy on top. Now I have to stack 3 cake dummies and I'm not sure if I should use dowels like I do regular cakes or not? Any suggestions?
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I put a little piping gel in between the tiers and put a dowel down through them to hold them in place. It really is easy. Just have fun with it.
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No you don't need dowels. Dowels are to prevent the cake from sinking into the cake below. Styrofoam won't sink into styrofoam. I dont' even ice the whole top of the cake. Just enough to "glue" the top cake in place (about 2-3" inside the edge is all I do).
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I use royal icing between the tiers of my dummies. Also, I do run a wooden dowel through all the tiers into the board. The one time I didn't run the dowel through all the tiers and hit a bumpy road, the royal wasn't enough to hold it in place and the top tier of a show cake toppled.
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A showcake! Oh wow I can't imagine the horror you must have felt!

I've had good luck just in using the BC. I can pick up a 3 or 4 tier dummy cake by the top cake and it all holds together.
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Hi Indydebi,

If the middle tier (top and bottom are dummies) is real cake, do i need to dowel thru the entire 3-tiers or just cake is good enough?

Please advise.

Thank you.
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no need to put supporting dowels in the bottom (fake) tier to hold the middle (real) cake. I would put supporting dowels in the middle (real) cake to hold the top (fake) tier, even tho' the top tier is very lightweight.
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Thank you Indydebi. That helpsicon_smile.gif
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I know I am like 2 years late. But I just need to ask this:


What if I am making 5-tier cake? Would it be advisable to use dowels in all tiers? I am planning to use plastic pillar for the fifth tier (connecting 4th tier) so there will be a gap in between which I plan to cover with roses all around.


I am planning to stack the cakes on each other except the 4th and 5th tier connection.


Hope someone can advise me as this is my first time making dummy cakes.





p/s: btw, 2nd tier will be actual cake tho.

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The only tier you would need to dowel is the real cake tier and only if there will be another tier sitting directly on it. The styrofoam tiers are dense enough not to need support. I would definitely dowel through the center of the bottom tiers (below the separation) and possibly a separate dowel through the top tiers if you are traveling with them stacked. I would travel with the top tiers separate and stack on location but that's just me. icon_smile.gif
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