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Will cream cheese frosting hold?
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some does some doesn't


there's a 4 hour accumulative window for allowing highly hazardous foods ex. whipping cream, cream cheese etc, out over 40 degrees Fahrenheit (and under 140 degrees if its meats. fish & all)


so say you took 20 minutes to take it off the shelf at the grocery store & get it home to the frig


you got 3 hours 40 mins left


sugar can act as preservative but there has to be  certain ratio that i couldn't tell you what it is


and you can do searches for different topics, icings and products too in the search box ^^ up there on the right

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Thanks. I have stopped thinking about whipped cream. Swiss bc it is. One more question I am making the first big cake ever. It's going to be half chocolate with ganache and half vanilla raspberry swirl with bc+raspberry preserve. It's basically two full sheet cakes togetther and they will be covered in white Swiss on top.
How big a cake board do I need? Will I find a box to go with it?
Is this a good combo? I am somehow freaked out...
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i like my boards to be 8 inches bigger than my cakes give or take


so i have four inches of board all around


often 4 inches bigger than the cake is more standard so you have two inches of board showing


it's personal preference


so you're doing two full sheets together (198 servings) ?? doorways might not be quite big enough


but if you mean each flavor is a two layer cake set next to the other on the board that would work


the flavors sound awesome


you can get sheet cake boxes at a cake store


don't know if hobby stores carry them


define two full sheet cakes

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Thanks once again.

It has to be two full sheets together on one board. I have 16x12 half sheet pan so I am going to bake 4 cakes and put them together to make a large one. I was thinking of having 2" border all around and you are right...I am worried about getting it through the door too. But what if I place them all length size together? Rather than making a regular rectangle, it could be an elongated one. Would that look good?

Actually my customers are kinda friends and they have left everything to my ... I don't know...2" borders not good enough?

Looking fwd...
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why can't you make two


do you have someone to help you carry this?


will be kind hulky unweildy


one layer??


and you can do this with 2" of board showing


you want super rigid boards or the cakes will show cracks in the icing

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Ummm...because they just want something huge...two layers...

I wanted to do tiered but it's a corporate thing so they don't like tiered...

I am planning on getting a board from home depot...wood...

I am still wondering how I would pull this off....three days to go...

I found out that better creme is something that can be used in place of whipping cream? I won't be using coolwhip anymore...thanks for sharing that article.

Do shed some light on better creme...otherwise my flavors are final
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i haven't used that in eons--can't remember--sorry


two layer is good/great


that's only the footprint of one sheet cake--no worries!

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Someone today told me that it's unsafe to have Swiss bc on room temp. I am following crumb boss recipe and it comes out good and she says to have it at room temp for 4 days. I am confused...

Also if I am using jam for filling it does it need refrigeration?

Please help me out. Thanks
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margaret braun in her book, cakewalk, advises that smbc can be kept at room temp if in a cool room for several days


she calls it vanilla buttercream but it is smbc--page 211


i inadvertently kept some out for weeks once--of course i discarded it but it was not sour or bad and smelled fine


jam --it depends --probably should be kept chilled--but there are shelf stable fruit fillings where they can be kept at room temp


they are sold in 'sleeves' at cake deco stores

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Thank you .... You are a life saver...

I am thinking to make the buttercream today and refrigerate it and bake cakes tomorrow and fill them up by thurs night.

For the whole top frosting, I will do it on Friday night. People I met at cake shop told me to start dressing it early in morning.

I have to deliver the cake on sat morning around 8:30.

Jam well I am using seedless raspberry but I got loran's oil in the same flavor when I was told I wouldnt be able to keep jam at room temp. I was told that those jam sleeves don't taste as good?
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thank you! yay!


some of them--the sleeves-- might be better than others


the lorann oils--use them drop by drop-- they are concentrated--i pour into the lid then pour a few drops into my stuff


some people use droppers


--just add it to taste-- a few drops at at time


the icing--you can frige it if you want but i would not frige mine for use in the next day or two


you got your box and board ready???

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No...will go to home depot tomorrow to get the board...

For covering I was told to put dowels in corners and cover with plastic...

I checked all available cake supply shops..they don't have anything...I am from Houston Tx by the way icon_smile.gif
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Just wanted to let you know that all went well icon_smile.gif everyone happy icon_biggrin.gif
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Originally Posted by noveen View Post

Just wanted to let you know that all went well icon_smile.gif everyone happy icon_biggrin.gif





home run!!!!!!! bases loaded!!!!!!!!!!





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