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Adorable Horton!

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My very first cake with details on it. Oscars Oasis, i made for a 3rd birthday for a friends daughter. banana cake with chocolate frosting. im very proud of the outcome, makes me happy i can do such great things



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This is the cake I entered into an edible books contest at our local library. Everything is hand made, hand painted, (I don't have an airbrush). All of the sugar pieces are fondant, modeling chocolate, gumpaste or a combination of two. No molds were used, I handed all. The only inedible parts are the strings in the harp, the sports under the tier fluffy is lying on and the straws in the mirror of erised and the quidditch goal.

The cake is 16 x 16. Plus I make all of my own buttercréme, fondant, gumpaste and modeling chocolate. The tastes are far superior to any pre-made, or marshmallow based sugar clays.[IMG][IMG]
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Two from me

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And this one *
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Birthday Cake for my Mom, my Aunty, and my Best Friend!!!

Here's one I made for Mother's Day last year. 

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* head is RKT

These 2 are my favorite cakes, i really cant choose i am proud of bolth of them

Jesus loves you!
Jesus loves you!
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I'm not as experienced as many others on this site, but here are two of my favorite cakes (I couldn't decide between the two!)


   Jane Austen teapot cake


  My grandparents' anniversary cake with their wedding picture

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I'm a newbie to cake decorating- fondant cake art. So here is my best design so far! A dora doll cake for a 3rd birthday party. 

"Dora cake" A doll cake made for a Dora themed birthday party. -The bottom 9 in cake tier is made with chocolate chip cake -The dress cake is made with a yellow- chocolate chip cake. The cake is decorated using homemade MMF and chocolate butter-cream frosting. The dress is made using teal colored MMF and the ombre frills are made using gradient colored MMF.

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This is probably my most favorite cake i have ever done!
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This one is my favourite 😊
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Or this one... I can't decide!
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Definitely this one!

Princess Selena Cake #1.jpg

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made for my brother
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