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Italian and Swiss MBC

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How can I make them safe for eating, using egg whites and not powder? I really want to try them and they look so yummy but I just can't find merigue powder and I'm afraid that the whites might be a little raw to be perfectly safe?
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I have read in here about people using pasterized egg whites they come in a carton type container in the dairy section.
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I can't find meringue powder here in the Caribbean so what I use is Dried egg whites powder that you find in supermarkets.It works just as well.
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i dont know which receipe you guys are using
so this might be different but i have one that i always use is with egg whites- what happens is that when you make the syrup it has to cook to 250 degrees and when you pour it onto the whites- the eggs are virtually cooked- you really should not worry about the contamination factor(i was told that by a real reputable chef)
if you would like my receipe i would be happy to email it to you. it is involved but i guarantee you will never use old buttercream again!
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Papu is correct. Eggs need to be heated to 140 degrees for 3 1/2 minutes or 145 degrees for 15 seconds to be pasturized. So anywhere between those two numbers. The hot syrup in IMB is more than enough to do this. In fact, you will need to whip everything for lik 15 minutes (after everything is combined) to cool it down.

For Swiss meringue buttercream, the egg whites are brought up to 140 degrees in a bowl over boiling water. Again, a perfect temp.
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