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Glaze icing, Sugar cookie icing

This is the icing I use for all my sugar cookies. I have modified about 4 recipes from this site to make this one to suit my needs. I give tara1970 most credit as that is the icing I used prior to this one though it was hard to multiply it for a very large batch.


  • 2 lbs powdered sugar 1/3 cup light Karo corn syrup 1-2 TBS (yes, tablespoons) of clear vanilla (I use Wilton vanilla that is not that potent. You may need to adjust quantity if you use another brand or other flavoring.) 2/3 cup milk (This is for flow consistency. Add milk slowly and adjust to desired consistency.)


Mix everything together at a low speed until it is fully blended. Do not whip it as it will creat bubbles that will show up in your finished cookie. I store this in the refridgerator for about 1 week. It needs to be room temperature to ice your cookies as the refridgerator will make it appear thick and you may inadvertantly over-thin it. When I want a really white-white, I use Wilton icing white (just a couple drops). This dries enough to stack and pack. It freezes well when on the cookie and the colors do not bleed. This one is my favorite recipe! Tastes TONS better than straight royal icing.

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How many 3 inch cookies can you cover with this recipe?
Ha! I was just looking at your cookies and wondering what recipe you use-- so shiny! I haven't done glaze in awhile-- I've been using fondant alot, but love the glaze taste and look. Thanks for sharing--- I'll try it!
This should ice about 60-80 3" cookies, or about 3-4 batches of NFSC. Have fun!
Thank you for posting.
Thanks for this. How long does it last on Cookies out of the fridge? Thanks again.
Does it work like royal icing? Thinner for flooding and thicker for detail work?
Hi, I'm baking monkey and giraffe cookies for a birthday party, can I used this sugar icing for cookie decorations. Thanks, Patricia.
msulli10: you can use this like RI except if you need to make a RI transfer. I still use RI if I want a stiff line. Even when thickened, this icing spreads a little. I don't usually use it for details. mamade2: I think this icing would be great for your cookies. You may want to outline in RI first if you want crisp details.
About how long does it take to dry?
I usually allow 24 hours before I bag and stack them. I have doen as little as 12 hours and been fine. If I have many layers of icing, I definately wait a day. Sometimes if it's really humid I allow a little longer so the icing doesn't stick to the insides fo the little bags but I live in South Carolina where it's really humid in the summer and it hasn't really caused that much of a problem.
Sorry for my typos. I actually do know how to spell...
LOVE this recipe! Tried it for bunny cookies on Easter ans they turned out great! I will only use this recipe for sugar cookies from now on!!
This was so easy to make and to use!! Thanks!
You don't mean you have to make it a week before, but that it is good for a week in the fridge, right? I have to make cookies for Saturday and obviously it's Wednesday and I don't have a week to refrigerate it .... Can I still use it?
Would this be a good icing for cupcakes that you want to decorate? Or would it dry too hard?
You can use it right away pammylynn. I just mean you can store it in the fridge. I haven't used this on cupcakes before. I don't suspect it will dry too hard for that. I wouldn't use RI for cupcakes since it would dry hard as a rock. This one gets really firm, but not brittle.
I loved it!!!!!, I start glaze (at 10:00PM) some cookies for a baby shower, to be delivered this morning! (9am!) and they turned so NICE!!! thanks for sharing this recipe!
Can you add some food coloring to this to change the color? Thanks.
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