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And I agree with Stitches, I saw the responses in a thread too. And Yes, they were not appropriate.
As you can see from my profile I have been a member of CC for a long time. This has been going on forever. Helpful members get intimidated and stop posting, bullies(sometimes just people who do not agree with CC's policies) eventually get banned, threads get locked or deleted, questions are asked over and over again. (And Yes, they are the same questions!) I'm sure some of you have been around for some time will remember a few of the battles in the past, and all the...
Well said!
Accusing Jason of hacking the web-site ... RIDICULOUS!
I think it would be difficult to achieve that perfection with a cookie cutter.   I did a bit of searching and found that the cake is by Stephanie Burkholder. Fantastic cakes and soooo neat!   IMO it may have been done with a cutter similar to ""LYLE's baptism cake" seventh row, on the far right.   Karen   BTW: Hi Kate, good to see you, I remember you from "way back when" on CC and also remember enjoying...
Thank You. You are most generous!   I live in Singapore and being able to do this with ingredients from my kitchen is wonderful. Shipping costs from halfway across the world are exhorbitant!   Karen   Take a look at my cake in the link posted above. If there is anything I can help you with, please Pm me.   Karen  
I have 2 kenwood chef majors, one is thirteen years old and the other one is a few months old. Never had a problem with either of them. I do cakes, fondant and bread dough and my kenwood works perfectly every time. My mum too had a Kenwood for almost 25 years, and enjoyed using it. Karen
That's a great reply. Short, polite, yet makes your stand crystal clear.
Hi Tracy, I've used marzipan for both figures and flowers. It dries hard, but not as hard as sugar-paste/ fondant/ gumpaste (with tylose).The big advantage is that it tastes really good!Unfortunately I found that I was restricted in the level of detail I could add.In my photos, the pirate ship has marzipan figures, and there are two cakes with marzipan flowers.Karen
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