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Assembled it now. Think it may be a little difficult getting the sides to match? Love it though! Very nice weight and craftsmanship
Update !!! It's here
Haha! Mine is either coming today or tomorrow! Excitement over lode !!
Hello everyone,    I am stumped, and after some expert advice. When ever I make butter cream for a cake it has a grainy texture to the taste. Surely I must be doing something wrong? It's suppose to be creamy and smooth. I live in Australia and I use Pure icing sugar when making butter cream. I don't make butter cream often. I usually just fill my cakes with ganache. But would love to know how to perfect butter cream. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.   TIA!  
Very exciting! By the sound of things, its going to be a real time saver. Hoping it's a solid investment. 
I finally did it! After all the threads and reviews I have read, I payed the price tag and brought myself an Agbay cake leveler. Everyone swears blind that it's worth it's weight in gold. So I wanted in! After all sounds like a solid investment. However, I only purchased the Junior as I don't do cakes often. Three cakes a week tops. So it's perfect for my requirements. Perfection is the key! So my question is, what are your experiences with the Agbay? Is it easy to adjust?...
Hi everyone,    I'm thinking about getting a giant cupcake pan, and this is what it looks like baked. How would I go about ganaching this smooth? I am pretty OCD when it comes to ganaching and a getting a perfect covered product. If there are any tutorials or advice, that would be greatly appreciated!   Many thanks!  
Hi Zoe, Welcome! I started off with a dinkydoodle designs airbrush kit. Perfect to start off with. The airbrush is dual action so you can control the spray. They can be picked up for $130 - $150 for the kit plus an instructional DVD. Very easy to clean! Cannot fault it! I now have advanced and have a custom built one which costed $450.    Best of luck!
Thanks Shazza65! I just made 900 chocolate to 450 cream. I made sure they were air pockets not chocolate!
Hi All,   I'm about to make some chocolate ganache for tomorrow. As I am in Australia, ill be using pure cream with a 36% milk fat, and Cadbury's dark chocolate melts. Which has 43% cocoa solids. Do I use a 2:1 ratio or 3:1 ratio.    Iv'e never used this chocolate before, so I thought I would seek some advice first. Thank you kindly in advance.    - NetworkZombie - 
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