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MimiFix, I just wanted to say thank you for your advice, I put 4 pans in the oven, rotated them once and they came out perfect! What a time saver, especially when baking mud cakes! Thank you again : )
Thank you, I'll try it tonight!
Thank you so much for answering my question MimiFix! With the 2 9inches and the 2 6inches in the oven there is still plenty of room for the circulation. Do I have to swap their positions during cooking or they are fine to stay in one place?
Hi everyone! I'm just wondering if anyone can help me with a baking question. Usually, I bake 2 9inches at the same time on the same shelf and it doesn't effect the baking time, but as I have a 2 tier cake to do I wanted to know if I can put all 4 cakes in the oven at the same time? If it is, will it effect the baking time or how the cake will bake? I'm just thinking it will save me time if I can do it in one go! Thanks!
I use metallic edible paint. The color looks very real. It comes in a little bottle that looks like nail polish! I just tip some into a small bowl and use another brush. Make sure you wash the brush and bowl out in alcohol or you'll be throwing them out! ( i forgot the first time! Bit of a ditzy moment! )
Hey AFred, Ganache does produce more straight lines, it's all we mostly use here in australia. As with the bowls, I haven't tried plastic but I make mine on the stove. I heat the cream slowly until it just starts to boil ( you'll see bubbles around the edges ) then I take it off the heat and add the chopped up chocolate into the cream and whisk until smooth and glossy. Then I pour it into a plastic container without a lid and leave it at room temp for 30 mins then put a...
Well that is a great way to get rid of it!!! 😋
Thanks sewsugarqueen, I didn't know you could freeze it! That would be so good to have an emergency stash! It would be great to know the max time you can keep it in the fridge, I keep seeing mixed answers. Some say 1 week, others say 2 and a few have said 4! My brain is under much confusion! ( this could also be due to the fact of the time it is in great land of oz! I so need to get to sleep! )
Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if its safe to use ganache that's already been warmed in the microwave and then put back in the fridge after i was done covering my cake, or do I have to throw it away? Also how long would it be safe for? Thanks heaps.
I got a perfect grey fondant by adding a touch of black americolor gel to white fondant and kneeded in well.
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