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Oops, Just saw that your title states that you are using a 3 inch tall pan.  Mine is only 2 inches tall. You could easily torte it twice and put lots of filling in it and it could ultimately be 4 to 4 1/2 inches tall.
I saw that show also.  It was interesting that she took the rock hard stale chocolate cake scraps, added some chocolate frosting, put it all in a Cuisinart, made a big patty of the mixture, then put it in the cake roller as you described.    intriguing for sure.
They don't melt?  They stay firm and rubbery like a gummy bear candy when left out at room temperature?
I have one that I use for making hamburger bun tops........ {Now that I've learned so many cool methods from good decorators here, I could probably manage to get the icing smoother.  This is all buttercream except the pickles.}
 very kind of you so say so Shanter.   AZ truer words are rarely spoken.   {  I'd keep laying here on the couch eating bon-bons and fanning myself with peacock feathers in my silk damask robe but I've got to go buy buttermilk.}
Oh Shanter, I see your point.  Pretty ridiculous post for someone who just sighed up today.  My mind is on my devil cake adventure.  shouldn't have taken it so seriously and reposted my recipe.    Yeah Mimi, they sure won't figure out how to do that will they.
Originally Posted by MBalaska     I've posted the recipe before: 2 - 8" or 2 - 9" rounds   6 oz.   BUTTER  (soft)   13 oz. SUGAR    (gran.)         Beat together for five (5) mins. On Med.   4    EGGS    (lg.) 2 tsps. VANILLA  EXTRACT                 Add: & beat on low for a few seconds to combine. Scrape bowl.  Beat on Med. 3 mins.   9 oz.    FLOUR A.P.    (sifted) ¾ tsp. BAKING POWDER ½ tsp. SALT         Sift flour in bowl, add BP & Salt. Stir with...
Westie cupcake
Well the day has come.  As much as I love my Hersheys Chocolate cake recipe (right on the label) my friend insists that 'Devil's Food' cake is better.  So it's a challenge. About the only difference I can see is the addition of Buttermilk.  I pulled out a box of cake flour, showed my friend the recipe on the back of the box, and said that I'd give it a go.  (that's what friends are for right)    I think that it's just the creamy white vanilla buttercream on the chocolate...
Ah yes, like a sheet cake. That would certainly allow the lemon sugar sauce to be absorbed better into the cake, than using a taller bread-loaf pan.  It sounds wonderful.
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