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 Hello Chef Dominic, and thank you for your molds.  Buying quality products from my home country is something I choose to do. I put my money and my support towards my fellow Americans when possible.  Thanks for your molds.  Here is my cake using your large crown mold. (A happy customer who could have never fashioned a crown freehand)Cheers,mb
could anything be denser or heavier than Cheesecake.
 kuuuski:  You can send it to me.  Good Job on smoothing your fondant.
 maisie73: this is so sweet and adorable, your "spontaneous cake" means you really have some great artistic talents.
 nannycook: this is absolutely stunning!  and why I keep peeking in at your UK thread.  Understated and elegant to the MAX!!!
If what you are saying is that you piped little Royal Icing bows, let them dry, and put them on cupcakes. If this is what you did, it's helpful to let them dry a couple of days until they are as hard as glass -- and completely dry. especially in a dark or strong contrasting color.
 kakeladi, what a smart idea.  You'd get better coverage of the cone that way. tip 74.
 Photos are extremely helpful in getting suggestions, can you post one?
 It's pretty certain that @indydebi knows what she's talking about.  Keep It Simple is sometimes a good idea.
The one nice thing about this icing is that you can actually just spatula it on a cookie, for when your not being to fancy pants, and don't really worry about perfection  (which is quite often for me)   For example these cookies were a gift for a baby shower ( I love my gift genie - gives me something fun to do.)  I didn't waste time outlining the cookies,  just spread them to the edge.  The girl that they were for, ate one immediately, then went and hid half of them to...
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