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Canadian here who is travelling to Minneapolis and Chicago in a few weeks.  Want to take advantage of being able to take things back duty free, what is the best store to shop for cake decorating supplies and tools?  I'd love to get some Sugar Veil molds and materials, and fondant cutters and mats and molds, as well as possibly an SPS system.
Thanks!  I'm just so proud of myself.   The best piece of advice I ever read on CC was I think from AZCouture, who said while she was learning that she read the Cake Disasters forum religiously, learning how to prevent and fix mistakes.  Definitely helped me swallow my pride and reach out for help when the YouTube videos were not helping and I couldn't figure out where I was going wrong!  Thanks sooo much!
Thanks to all you wonderful ladies on this forum, I finally made a three tier cake that did not shift, lean, tilt, sag, bulge or collapse! I posted diasaters twice, read through all the advice, figured out where I went wrong and built a rock solid, straight as an arrow three tier that hasn't budged in 24 hours. Thank you!!!!
Thank you!  I didn't do nearly as good of a job as Kate Plumcake did, but it was fun.  Yes, it is hand painted.  I've never really painted anything until I discovered vodka and food pastes, now it's my favourite method of decorating!
I can't wire flowers for the life of me either. Every time I try they end up falling off. I haven't done many cakes with flowers, but the ones that I have I've been able to get away with doing them without the wire and gluing them on with royal icing. I'm going to have to learn to wire, though! I simply adore the vintage hat box cake! How did you get it so perfect? I ended up doing two other cakes for fun today. Every week at my son's school, parents take turns...
I'm fairly new still to CC and have learned so much!  I made this cake today and was so pleased with how it turned out.  A friend wanted a zebra cake for her daughter's first birthday, and then got stuck as to the details.  I asked her to email me a picture of her daughter's favourite stuffed animals, thinking I'd get a cute little teddy that I could recreate for the top, and she sent me this:    and this: I was not expecting the top one.  She had made it a few...
I've tried all different kinds. Lindt chocolate, PC Brand chocolate, Chipits semi-sweet chocolate chips, bulk grocery store dark chocolate wafers (brand unknown).   What brand gives the most success?
What consistency is it supposed to be?  Today's batch turned out very sticky, kind of like fudge sauce that you'd use on ice cream.  I've had a fluffier consistency before (like a thin buttercream) that spread beautifully but then sagged to the bottom of the cake when I put on the fondant, and then turned the fondant soft and soggy and the fondant ripped.  Do you whip it after it sets up?
I've made it successfully once, before I started cake decorating, of course when it didn't matter.  Now, no matter what I do, I can not get it to be the right consistency for icing a cake!  I've watched tutorials, I've tried different rations of chocolate to cream, I've let it sit at room temperature and in the fridge, I've whipped it, and each time it ends up too thin or too sticky (today's batch just pulled chunks of cake off when I tried to spread).  I used dark...
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