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Hi again lol Fondant and sugar paste are the same thing depends on where you are from to what it's called, sugar paste is a brand of fondant like regalice ,satin ice etc, I use sugar paste , do you mean flower / gum paste that's different, I use sugar paste for all my little items it's fine for the things your taking about , It goes lovely and firm when left to dry out Xx
Your welcome xx
Hi there is a couple posted in the galleries , I would inbox the baker who make it and ask them for any tips I'll post a image of the one I found Good luck
Hi I also had the same problems as you and started a thread asking where I was going wrong and I turned out to be my fondant I now use sugar paste direct and I love it my confidence has grown, I had started to dout myself was cake decorating for me ?? But after buying the new fondant I'm really happy and so are the people I made cakes for it tastes great and colours lovely Good luck
HI I would use 14-12-10-8-6 that should give you a cake serving of 187 I no it's more that what you want but this should maintain an even look across the tiers
Hi kadesan Sorry for late reply it's perfect for colouring I'm so Impressed , ill post you a picture I did for hubby's birthday all the colours apart from the red I mixed with wilton or sugarflair gel , I would have tried red but I had already brought that before hand so used it up, let me no what you think x
Thank you MBalaska perfect idea! your a star
Just found this recipe on google, I never put meringue powder in mine or cream of tartar maybe that would make the difference to the consistency firm it up a bit be less runny Do you think?
I will thank you , when you watch videos etc it always looks so easy and comes out a lovely consistency mine was nothing like that ,
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