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Yep. I do: Crumb coat Chill Add icing and smooth Chill Cover and fondant I don't use perishable fillings so once I cover in fondant, I just leave my cakes on the work table inside of cake boxes
Well I'm in Houston, and I use smbc just fine. Good old air conditioning . I would say though that it really doesn't matter. Just try to use all butter in your buttercream so that when you chill it, it becomes firm
Does the humidity not prevent your mmf from setting properly? Here in Texas in the summer, when I put it on the cake it will never "set". It's hard making things like bows with it two.
Yep, you've got it. That's how it's done. Then stick them on with edible glue
as long as they aren't going to be sitting outside a long time its fine. your kitchen, car, and her house or venue need ti have ac. its much hotter here in texas and i use it just fine
If you have a stand mixer, run your icing on low with the paddle for about 2 minutes. Knocks the air out of it for me
Here's the cake with carma on it. Definitely worth the money. Rolled super thin. It's not very sweet though, and I'm not sure that I really want to spend that kind of money on fondant though. I'm not sure....I just kinda don't know if it's worth it for where my business it at this point.
In my opinion you would be downgrading getting a cricut. I hate that cartridge business.
I roll my gumpaste to a 4 on the kitchen aid and have no problems cutting with the cameo. I use the cricut deep cut blade. Cardstock. Speed 3 thickness 1
Cat! I'm nosey (lol) and looked at your cats cakes blog. I love that post about the different wedding cakes and price points. I am going to share it to my company Facebook if that's ok with you?
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