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That's not a bad idea, I'll try that out.  Thanks!
Sorry - I'm not sure why the picture turned out so small.
I have a wedding in June that I am making the cake for and they want a cake with this texture: Any ideas on how to achieve this?  It looks more detailed than a simple spatula technique.   Thanks!!
mmm brown sugar buttercream with browned butter.  I used that on what I named a "Pecan Pie" cupcake and it was phenomenal!  Top with a little caramel drizzle, delish!
Does any know where I can buy MIDI cupcake liners in Canada?  They are bigger than mini but smaller than standard size.  About 1.5" on the bottom and 1" tall.  I have searched all the suppliers that I know of and have been unsuccessful in finding them.  I can only find them outside of Canada but then the shipping costs more than the actual liners.   Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!
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