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Thank you so much Means a lot coming from a cc person!
Amazing standing figure!!!
 LOVE the ice cream sundae ;) Thanks - chalkboard and writing is an edible print. I got it from Jade at The Cupcake Company, she designed it specially for me! Then I did the wooden border (chocolate fondant) and crayons in fondant.
I love photography cat (seeing not doing!) so I'm going to take a look at your blog Hawaii is on my bucket list - a bit further for me than for you guys! Few for me this week, at the same time as my house sale falling through... It all happens at once right?! Sorry if the pic is sideways, I'm on my phone and can't work out how to move it! All Thank you teacher / childminder cakes as it's the last week of term here. Look forward to seeing everyone's creations x
Love love love the horses!
Yup - 'fraid not!Ultimately it probably depends on the weight of your cake - I didn't weigh mine when completed but the middle tier was a 5" high 9" round apple cake. As soon as that went on the stand it bowed so that the cake was at an angle, making the top one wonky too.My husband rolled up some napkin under the middle cake board to level it out so even if the stand was wonky at least the cake wasn't too bad (still too crooked for him though, as an engineer!).I would...
First wedding cake for me this weekend! Excuse the leaning tower of Pisa - the stand the bride and groom provided me with was NOT strong enough (cue minor heart failure at set up time!)
All great! @mattyeatscakes Plants vs zombies... what is this?? fab theme ;)   I have been silent... last weekend I was asked for a cake with just Jam. JUST jam. No icing, buttercream, nothing. Thankfully she let me put strawberries on the top so it didn't look quite so... naked! this was how her dad wanted it, and it was a quick last minute decision, so as it was simple, I squeezed her in. I'm not going to post a pic of that one!!   This week I am baking and freezing -...
I'm late this week Been house hunting! Stress.... Still, if I get a bigger kitchen out of it, it's worth it!! Here are my two for this week: Loads of fun, but catching up on some much needed sleep tonight x
duh! didn't think of that!! I'm such an idiot... I wanted to put metal joins on but got scared I'd make them crooked so decided not to mess with it... that would have solved two problems wouldn't it!? thanks you so much for your kind words too :) x
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