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Silver monogram type letters. Specifically an M
Suggestions where to look for letters to top cake. Checked amazon and didn't see what I was looking for. Thanks!
Buttercream. Once in bakery boxes the other time in clamshells
I'm sure it's the humidity, but the swirls are sliding off my cupcakes. The swirls themselves are not melting, but sliding off in one piece. I thought about a toothpick between the layers of swirl but that only (potentially) works if I deliver them. Thought also about roughing up the top of the cupcake a bit where no one would see it, but not sure that would work. Suggestions? Thanks!
I've seen that on the news and heard people have been taken to the ER after. Idiots.
Last night I sifted dry ingredients for five carrot cakes including 2 t of cinnamon/batch. There was much sneezing. Last night my throat and nose were burning. Today I my sinuses are a mess. So... Cinnamon or coincidence--thoughts?
I store bacon cupcakes at room temp and they've been ok. Then again, they don't last too long.
I've used jello in frosting, but think that it might impede the candy coating in solidifying. I found some concentrated flavored oil but have never used it before. Suggestions? Can it also be used in baked goods or frosting?
Any feedback from anyone that experimented?
No luck on any of it. I live in a small-ish town in Missouri right now. Maybe if I can get up to St. Louis sometime soon. My Hobby Lobby (only place in town that has those items) had no lime candy melts, no lime flavor and when I looked up Clasen USA, they had no like wafers either. :/
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